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Linga Seva

Offer yourself in the space of Dhyanalinga and be immersed in its energy.

“The best way to approach Dhyanalinga is with a sense of offering. This is not about offering something in return for something else, but making yourself into an offering. In offering yourself to the Divine, you become the Divine.”


Linga Seva is an opportunity for devotees who wish to spend a dedicated amount of time volunteering in Dhyanalinga. It comprises one day of sadhana in silence, followed by eight days of seva in the Dhyanalinga premises.

Linga Seva is a powerful Bhakti Sadhana to make oneself more receptive to the grace of Dhyanalinga. To be in the presence of this powerful energy form is to be in the presence of a live Guru.

Fixed Duration - 5 or 8 Days
Inner Engineering Completion


Linga Seva is an immersive experience with Dhyanalinga. It is a possibility to be in the powerful presence of Dhyanalinga, offer oneself totally in seva and, in the process, transcend limitations and hasten one’s spiritual growth. A moment of openness is all it takes for one to be transported into new dimensions of experience and perception.

From guiding visitors and helping to maintain the stillness of the space to setting up in the morning and cleaning in the nights, Linga Sevakas support thousands of people to experience the transformative nature of this consecrated space.


Those aged 18 years and above who have completed the Inner Engineering program and have been initiated into the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya are eligible to apply.


Linga Seva (8 Days) comprises one day of sadhana in silence, followed by eight days of seva in the Dhyanalinga premises.

How to Apply for Linga Seva?

Receive a call within 3 days of application

Receive a response within 7 days

“The schedule was structured so that we pushed the boundaries of our limitations pertaining to people, sleep, food and the intensity with which we think we can function.”

- Anirudh K., Cricketer & Product Manager, Chennai

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