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  • Sadhguru Exclusive

"If you walk the path of Yoga, the Yoga Marga, wellbeing in its ultimate form is an assured reality." - Sadhguru

Who is Yoga Marga designed for?

Sadhguru's deep understanding of the human body and mind is the very quintessence of Yoga Marga, which is our signature program. Spread over twenty-one days, Yoga Marga is extremely intense, focused, dynamic and distinctly therapeutic in nature - especially geared towards people with chronic health conditions. However, even those in good health have found the program to be life-changing, seeing it as an opportunity to deepen their practices and bring the body and mind to a deeper level of balance, stability and harmony. The impact of the program is very individual and demands high levels of commitment and motivation, with an emphasis on process orientation and not results. This gives you an opportunity to work with your own self in a natural and non-invasive way to achieve balance.

Yoga Marga is open only to those who have been initiated into Shambhavi Mahamudra or Shoonya meditation, and who have been practising for at least three months. 

What can you expect from Yoga Marga?

Yoga Marga is meticulously customized starting with an individual medical consultation with our highly competent medical team, trained in Siddha, Ayurveda and Allopathy, and experienced in providing holistic solutions for an array of medical conditions. The team suggests specific yogic practices, Ayurvedic therapies, traditional Indian medicines, dietary regimens and therapeutic procedures, setting a course of treatment that is tailored for you. This intervention stems from a deep understanding of the human system, using traditional and holistic ways of disease mitigation.

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"After doing the program, my energy levels were considerably higher, my health improved a lot, which showed in my lipid profile, blood and thyroid tests and also my weight went down by about 15-16 pounds."

- Denise