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To increase receptivity to the energies of the Dhyanalinga, visitors can take a dip in one of the two Theerthakunds (energized water bodies) on the premises. These pools are energized by rasalingas, which have been consecrated by Sadhguru. The Chandrakund, for women, is consecrated with a slightly feminine energy and the Suryakund, for men, is more masculine in nature.

Taking a dip in these energized water bodies straightens out pranic imbalances, enhancing physiological and psychological wellbeing as well as heightening spiritual receptivity. The tremendous healing power of these waters has been attested to by thousands of visitors each year.

The Chandrakund is embedded 30 feet below the ground, and approached by a descent of thirty-two massive steps. It is framed by gigantic granite stones and vaulted by a colorful mural depicting the Mahakumbha Mela.

The Suryakund is 20 feet below ground level, contains three rasalingas and lies underneath a stunning 20 ft brass and copper sculpture of the sun.


The holy dip in ice cold water made the mind and body calm and devoid of tension. So peaceful.

- Manoj Jesudas
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