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Consecrated Spaces

What Is Consecration?

“If you transform mud into food, we call this agriculture. If you make food into flesh and bone, we call this digestion. If you make flesh into mud, we call this cremation. If you can make this flesh or even a stone or an empty space into a divine possibility, that is called consecration.” – Sadhguru

It is in India that the esoteric science of consecration was mastered by yogis of the past, who created many powerful devices for one to attain to one’s Ultimate nature. Continuing this sacred tradition, Sadhguru, a rare mystic of our times, has created many consecrated spaces for spiritual seekers to make use of.

Consecrated Spaces at Isha

At the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains where countless sages and seers walked, Isha Yoga Center is naturally blessed by a cascade of energy. In addition to this, the reverberations of the many consecrated forms and spaces in the Center that have been consecrated by Sadhguru, make it a uniquely intense place for sadhakas looking for inner exploration.

Other consecrated spaces can be found at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in USA.

Consecrated Spaces In India


Essentially, Suryakund and Chandrakund are energy pools that melt away karmic blocks, and that allow you to experience Dhyanalinga. – Sadhguru

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Spanda Hall

As you go into higher levels of meditation, you come to a state of Spanda – intense, unmanifest energy – before you literally recreate yourself. – Sadhguru

Linga Bhairavi

Those who earn the Grace of Bhairavi neither have to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty, or of failure. All that human beings consider as wellbeing will be theirs, if only they earn the Grace of Bhairavi. – Sadhguru


Just sitting silently for a few minutes within the sphere of Dhyanalinga is enough to make even those unaware of meditation experience a state of deep meditativeness. – Sadhguru

Adiyogi Alayam

The Adiyogi Alayam is specially consecrated to allow one to experience Hata Yoga and other yogic practices in their full depth and dimension. – Sadhguru

112 Feet Adiyogi

Adiyogi is here to liberate you from disease, discomfort, and poverty – above all, from the very process of life and death. – Sadhguru


The Naga premises are open from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Naga Arati happens at 6:20 AM, 12:20 PM and 6:20 PM.

Consecrated Spaces in America


Mahima means Grace. This is not a place of worship, religion, philosophy, or belief system. This is a space to explore technologies for inner wellbeing. – Sadhguru

Adi Yogi: The Abode of Yoga

Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga is a medium, a possibility that will move you from a compulsive state of logic to the magic of Life. – Sadhguru

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