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Yoga Chikitsa is a distinctive therapeutic offering by Isha Health Solutions. This program was conceived in order to reach out to people with a variety of health conditions for whom it would be beneficial to go through the treatment at their pace and at their own convenient time. Spending time in the consecrated space of the Isha Yoga Center is an integral part of the program. Admission to Yoga Chikitsa is solely at the discretion of the medical team based on individual need, keeping in mind each person’s health conditions. Everything about the program is subject to customization, right from the duration of stay to diet, medication and therapeutic procedures. The approach and schedules followed are more tailored to one’s needs and more flexible than other therapeutic programs, without diluting the potency of what is offered.

Where can I do this program?

Isha Health Solutions, Coimbatore

How can I know more?

Phone:+918300045333, [Time: 9.00am–4.30pm, 7 days a week]

Contact Us: ishahealthsolutions.ishafoundation.org

How can I enroll?

To enroll, click here.



"I like the idea of total wellness which is emphasized through yoga, kriyas, and a proper diet. I feel very energized by the whole routine and hope to incorporate it in my daily life."

- Jyoti Thakore