Pancha Bhuta Kriya

How the five elements behave within your system makes the difference between wellness and illness, peace and turmoil, joy and misery – Sadhguru

Pancha Bhuta Kriya

How the five elements behave within your system makes the difference between wellness and illness, peace and turmoil, joy and misery – Sadhguru

In Yoga, the five elements are seen as the basis of all creation, including the physical body. The Yogic sciences have powerful processes that can bring the body and mind to a vibrant state of health and wellbeing by purifying the five elements within the human system.

With the Pancha Bhuta Kriya, Sadhguru opens up a unique opportunity for everyone to benefit from the powerful Yogic process of Bhuta Shuddhi which would otherwise require intense sadhana (spiritual practice).

Pancha Bhuta Kriya happens in Dhyanalinga on the 14th day of every lunar month, which is one day before the new moon. This process can be attended in-person as well as online.

The Benefits
Stabilizes the body and mind
Particularly beneficial for people suffering from a weak constitution
Balances out psychological instabilities
Greatly helps those suffering from disturbed sleep and a constant sense of fear


  1. You must be at least 8 years or older to participate in the program.
  2. There are three mandatory prerequisite steps for attending Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online:
    • You must complete the Sadhana Session at least three days prior to the program and go through the preparation that you will be guided in, during the session.
    • You must acknowledge that you have received the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit by clicking on the link in the confirmation e-mail and logging in.
    • You must attend the Orientation Session before 12 PM IST on the day of Pancha Bhuta Kriya. The Session will be available from 9 AM IST of the previous day.

    Failure to complete any of the above three steps will make you ineligible to attend Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online.

  3. You will need a stable internet connection, assured supply of electricity and a functioning device with an internet browser. Please refer to the Technical requirements for more details.

Program Fee : INR 1400 Register Now


Frequently Asked Questions





You will have to go through the registration process again.


Please visit the registration page.


If you already have an Isha account, log in to your existing account.


If you do not have an Isha account, you need to create one before registration. You can either login using your existing Google or Facebook accounts or create your own username and password. Please remember your login mode and credentials as you will be logging in to this account when you want to attend the sessions and Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online.


Once you are logged in, you will see a payment window where you can pay online.


After the payment is made, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

For any assistance in registration please call 0422-3583114, 0422-4283114


Once you complete the registration and payment, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration. Thereafter, you can login via the link provided in the confirmation e-mail to view the sessions and the live program.

The online program must be attended live at the link provided in the confirmation e-mail. Access to the program will expire as soon as the live webstream is over.

    You can go to the confirmation e-mail that you would have received after completing the registration and payment.


    Click on the link which is provided there for participation in the program. Login using your registered e-mail address and password to access the session and livestream.



    It will not be conducive for people to attend the live program without necessary preparation and without using the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit which is sent via courier.

    It is not mandatory to be on an empty stomach but a light stomach is optimal, which means that there should be a minimum gap of 2.5 hours after a meal.





      It is necessary to prepare yourself and create a conducive atmosphere around you before participating in the Pancha Bhuta Kriya. You will be given certain guidelines on how to do this during the Orientation Session. While travelling, you may not be able to do this preparation.

      Yes, you can join back using the same link. However, you will not be able to watch the part that you may have missed, because it is live.

      Please try refreshing the page and relaunching your browser. If you are having consistent issues trying to watch the stream, please try switching to the recommended Google Chrome web browser.


      If you are experiencing buffering too often, please ensure that  your internet connection is fast enough to support the stream: (Your download speed should be at least 350 kbps)


      Wherever possible, connect to the internet using a cable rather than WiFi

      If you are unable to hear any sound, please make sure that you do not have the player or your device sound muted.

      Our first recommendation is always to:


      If these suggestions do not solve the issue, please give as much detail as possible and include screenshots (how to take a screenshot) as well as share the information about the browser and device you are using. You may send your question to or call 0422-3583114, 0422-4283114.

      The Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit contains a black shawl, two grain-sized bhoomi (processed earth), vibhuti, an image of Dhyanalinga and Abhaya Sutra - a specially consecrated thread.

      Please track the courier using the tracking ID which you will receive after the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit is dispatched from Isha Yoga Center. If you do not receive the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit up to 24 hours before the program, please contact to us at or call 0422-3583114, 0422-4283114



      The courier will be sent to the address that you mentioned while registering and it is not possible to change it.

      The Sadhana Session introduces you to the five elements through Sadhguru’s talks. It offers you Yogic processes and a simple sadhana (spiritual practice) to prepare your system for Pancha Bhuta Kriya. The Sadhana Session must be attended at least three days prior to the program.

      The Orientation Session is to be attended on the day of the program and guides you on how to create a conducive atmosphere at your home and how to use the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit that you have received in the courier. It also provides guidance on how to keep the process alive after the program is over.


      You can attend this session as soon as you receive the registration confirmation e-mail. You must attend it at least three days prior to the program.



      The content and purpose of both sessions is different. Attending both sessions is a prerequisite for attending the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online.

      The preparatory sadhana should be done for a minimum of three days prior to the program but you may start earlier if you wish.

      Please write to us at or call 0422-3583114, 0422-4283114 for further guidance.



      We encourage you to keep this process alive for yourself by continuing the sadhana.

      Yes. Every time you register, it is mandatory to attend the Sadhana and Orientation Sessions.

      The live webstream will be available from 5:10 PM onward on the day of program. The process will happen from 5:40 PM to 6:20 PM.

      The Pancha Bhuta Kriya livestream will be active to login from 5:10 PM - 5:40 PM. Entry will be closed at 5:40 PM sharp. We recommend that you join well ahead of time to avoid any last minute complications.