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Simple tools for employee wellbeing and growth which address stress, anxiety, body, emotions and life perspectives.

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“If your work is important, who you are needs to be worked at.” —Sadhguru

An Atmosphere of Growth that Works for All

Work Beyond Stress is an offering from Sadhguru that allows every working professional to tap into and achieve their full potential. It is oriented towards the transformation of the individual, to make work an expression of joy where one can create a positive impact on the world.

With ‘Work Beyond Stress’ you can

support your employees to transform into healthy, joyful individuals with boundless energy.


  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Establish a high performance culture
  • Enhanced adaptability
  • Reduced attrition and welfare costs


  • Freedom from stress & anxiety
  • Enhanced emotional balance
  • Improved ability to deal with uncertainty
  • Professional and personal transformation

Short Bytes of Wisdom

Short video-based e-learning bytes of 5-15 minutes each from Sadhguru. Incisive insights and unique perspectives to make one look within and trigger a journey of learning and transformation.


100+ Videos

Covering pertinent subjects like stress, mental and physical health, work, positive parenting, conscious relationships and more...


Journey Partner

Assessments, reflection and action plan templates come together to create a comprehensive learning journey.

“The perspective and practices that Sadhguru has given gives you the strength and stability to go through the day without getting overly disturbed by stress.”
RAVI VENKATESAN Former Chairman, Microsoft India
“I now have far less impulse reactions of anger and fear, and am more able to respond in a positive manner. My overall state of being is one of genuine happiness and gratitude.”

Some Modules at a Glance


Life Beyond Stress

40+ lessons across 5 chapters exploring the fundamentals of stress, the various factors that cause stress and simple solutions to beat stress.


Tools for Transformation

Simple yet powerful Yogic practices, easy to incorporate into one’s daily life. Includes physical practices, breathing exercises and guided meditations.


Mastering Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

25+ lessons across 4 chapters deconstructing popular myths on mental wellness and uncovering simple methods to uncover one's exuberance.


Equipping Yourself for "The Corona Era"

Powerful practices to enhance one’s immunity and oxygen levels as well as ways to handle these most uncertain and challenging of times.


About Sadhguru

Considered among India’s 50 most influential people, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, New York Times bestselling author and poet. Absolute clarity of perception places him in a unique space, not only in matters spiritual but in business, environmental and international affairs, and opens a new door on all that he touches.

Sadhguru's talks have earned him the reputation of a speaker of international renown. He has received the Padma Vibhushan, been a lead speaker at the UN General Assembly and a regular at the World Economic Forum, besides speaking at establishments such as the World Bank, House of Lords (UK), World Presidents’ Organization, MIT and Google to name a few.

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