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“Never before has Humanity been as empowered as we are today. We can make this the most wonderful and impactful time in the history of Humanity.”

“Never before has Humanity been as empowered as we are today. We can make this the most wonderful and impactful time in the history of Humanity.”

Isha’s activities are designed to address all aspects of human wellbeing. With a powerful spiritual movement at its core, Isha has touched millions of lives worldwide through its Yoga programs and spiritual centers, as well as its large-scale social outreach initiatives in environment, rural education, health and rural upliftment.

This work is only possible through Sadhguru’s vision, the commitment of our volunteers and the generosity of our donors.

You can contribute to support any of the initiatives below.

Online Donation Options


Ishanga 7% - Establish a Bond of Grace with Sadhguru

Ishanga 7% is an immense possibility where the process of giving can open up possibilities to experience Grace. Offered by Sadhguru, this is an opportunity for you to experience Grace as a living presence in all that you do.

Donate for Ishanga 7%

Raising Human Consciousness

Isha Foundation, a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, is dedicated to inner transformation, offering a variety of powerful tools for well-being to people from all walks of life. Support us in offering at least one drop of spirituality to every human being.

You can also have a long-term involvement in enabling Isha’s activities by making a recurring donation as an Isha Sanghamitra, a friend to the spiritual community.

Annadanam - Sacred Offering of Food

Annadanam is offered twice a day to thousands of guests, sanyasis, brahmacharis, residents and volunteers at the Isha Yoga Center, who have dedicated their lives to uplifting human consciousness and contributing to the wellbeing of all.

You can also contribute towards Isha Bhiksha, which is a one-time contribution made to offer food for the next 21 years on an occasion of your choice.

Isha Outreach

Isha Outreach implements several path-breaking projects to support individual growth, revitalize the human spirit, rebuild communities, and restore the environment.

Our activities serve as a thriving model for human empowerment and community revitalization throughout the world. Visit our projects to know more and contribute.

Educate a child
Plant a tree
Help rural communities
Offline Donation Options
While we encourage donations made through online payment options, you are welcome to make offline donations as well.
Cheque / Demand Draft

All donations are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.


All donations for Isha Foundation's projects can be made as a regular monthly contribution through ACH (Automatic Clearing House)

In-Kind Donations

Another way to help Isha’s activities is through in-kind, non-cash donations, especially for Annadanam at Isha Yoga Center.