Linga Seva is an immersive 8-day experience with Dhyanalinga. To be in the presence of this phenomenal energy form is to be in the presence of a live Guru. A moment of openness is all it takes for one to be transported into new dimensions of experience and perception.




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the facilities for stay at the IYC?
  • In case you wish to visit the Yoga center and spend time there, cottages are available. One may book a room in advance and stay at reasonable cost
  • If one intends to volunteer, then dormitory accommodation is available free of cost.
Is it possible to provide individual accommodation?

Individual accommodation can be provided based on availability, for a nominal rent.

What kind of food is served in IYC for volunteers?

A vegetarian meal made from natural / organic resources is served twice a day for all inmates including volunteers and program participants.


Volunteer Form for Linga Seva