Ishanga Teacher Training

What will happen to the world in the next few decades depends largely on whether we have people who can transmit processes for inner wellbeing in a proper, scientific way. —Sadhguru

Ishanga Teacher Training

What will happen to the world in the next few decades depends largely on whether we have people who can transmit processes for inner wellbeing in a proper, scientific way. —Sadhguru
What is Inner Enginnering Ishanga Teacher Training ?
The Inner Engineering Ishanga Teacher Training is an opportunity to offer the possibility of Inner Engineering to the world. Designed by Sadhguru, this intensive training creates the necessary atmosphere for an individual to explore life from within, in profoundness, joy and playfulness. In doing so, one becomes an instrument for others to receive Yogic technologies to engineer their own inner transformation.
What is Inner Enginnering Ishanga Teacher Training ?
The natural aspiration to share the experiences that have touched their lives has prompted many individuals to dedicate themselves to this path. Today, Ishangas from around the world, of all ages and backgrounds, are working with selfless commitment to offer this doorway to ultimate wellbeing to everyone.


The Ishanga Teacher Training is an ongoing program at the Isha Yoga Center, India. Apart from being able to offer Inner Engineering programs, individuals can also undergo other types of training to deliver various other modules and Yoga programs. Depending on one’s commitment, personal circumstances and availability, an appropriate type of training is recommended.
Types of Training
Inner Engineering / Isha Yoga Ishanga Training

To conduct Isha’s flagship program —Inner Engineering (also known as Isha Yoga Program in Tamil Nadu).

Satsang Ishanga Training

To conduct the monthly city Satsangs and practice correction sessions.

Organizing Training

Getting trained to organize various events and programs at the Isha Yoga Center and elsewhere.

Uyir Nokkam Ishanga Training

To conduct the impactful 3-day Uyir Nokkam programs in Tamil.

Children’s Class Ishanga Training

To deliver the vibrant Children’s Isha Yoga Program

Yoga Veera Training

To offer Upa-Yoga and Isha Kriya sessions all over the world, in several languages.

Surya Shakti Yoga Veera Training

To offer Surya Shakti sessions across Tamil Nadu (in Tamil) and Kerala (in Malayalam & English).

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not have to give up your profession in order to apply for the training. The nature of the training is such that it requires a commitment of time and focus. As long as you can meet the commitments required to complete the process, whatever be your personal circumstances, you can still apply for the training. There are several Ishangas who support their families and reach out to people by offering Yoga programs and volunteering in whichever way they can.

Single or married, you can explore the training process. However, there is a certain level of commitment in terms of time and discipline that is essential.

It is not mandatory to be a full-time volunteer to apply for Ishanga Teacher Training. Once your training is complete, your schedule can be tailored to match your time and travel constraints to enable you to conduct programs without being a full-time volunteer. There are several Ishangas helping from their cities amidst their professional and personal commitments.

There is absolutely no fee involved. This is a process for one to become an offering to the world, as a volunteer. Only your commitment and willingness are required.

Anyone who is above 15 years of age can apply. However, to conduct full-fledged programs, one needs to have a certain level of health and fitness. You will also be provided with tools for your fitness and wellbeing during the training process. Other than the recommended level of fitness to go through the schedule, there is no other requirement. If there are any other specific concerns, they can be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

You should have completed the Inner Engineering, Bhava Spandana and Shoonya Intensive programs before applying for the training. While the above-mentioned programs are mandatory to take the step of becoming an Inner Engineering Ishanga, a deeper exploration through participation in other programs (various Hatha Yoga programs, Sacred Walks, Samyama, etc.) and volunteering in different capacities in Isha’s numerous programs and events of Isha will surely provide an enhanced perception and understanding that will make the training process effortless.

The Hatha Yoga Teacher Training is a 21-week program, where one learns classical Hatha Yoga and undergoes training to impart it to others. Upon completion, you can get certified as a Hatha Yoga teacher and set up your own Yoga studio or operate under Isha’s banner and conduct programs independently, as a profession.


Inner Engineering Ishanga Teacher Training is not a time-bound program. Rather, it is a process of unwinding oneself and arriving at a certain level of clarity that allows Inner Engineering to happen through you. This cannot be done as a profession or a hobby – it is an offering to humanity. Inner Engineering programs are always conducted under the aegis of the Isha Foundation and the scheduling of programs is done by the Foundation.

A certain part of the training can be done from your city of residence, but there are other components for which you will need to spend time in India at the Isha Yoga Center.

How to Apply