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24th Dhyanalinga Consecration Day

Chants | Guru Pooja | Sadhguru's Video | Nada Aradhana

24 June | 5 PM to 6:10 PM IST

“Anyone who comes into the sphere of the Dhyanalinga cannot escape the sowing of the spiritual seed of liberation. This is my Guru’s dream and Grace. May you know the bliss of the Divine.” - Sadhguru

June 24 at the Isha Yoga Center will witness the 24th anniversary of the Dhyanalinga Consecration. Join the celebrations through the live webstream of the multi-religious chants that will be offered to Dhyanalinga.

  • Multi-religious Chants Free Live Stream - 6 AM to 4:45 PM (Watch on this page)

  • Chants, Guru Pooja, Sadhguru’s Video and Nada Aradhana Live Stream - 5 PM to 6:10 PM (Registration is free and mandatory)

Chants Schedule

About Dhyanalinga

The dream of many enlightened beings, Dhyanalinga is an energy form of immeasurable magnitude. After years of intense prana pratishtha, Sadhguru consecrated the Dhyanalinga, a doorway to ultimate liberation. Just sitting silently for a few minutes in the Dhyanalinga is enough to make even those unaware of meditation experience a state of deep meditativeness.

This unique meditative space does not ascribe to any particular faith or belief system, nor does it require any rituals, prayer, or worship.

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