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Meet the Indian guru who is on a mission to reverse soil degradation

18 Aug, 2022

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Make Spiritual Process Effortless

When you think about beginning a new relationship or accepting a new job, moving to a new city or country, it’s natural to have fears and uncertainties. You may worry you are making the ‘wrong’ decision,

India Is The Direction World Will Move In Next Decade': Sadhguru Hails Nation's Spiritual Past on I-Day

15 Aug, 2022 | News 18

India is the direction that the world will move in the next decade, Isha Foundation founder and spiritual leader Sadhguru Jaggi on Monday said during 76th Independence Day celebrations in Coimbatore.

India is the direction world will move next decade

15 Aug, 2022 | UNI

Isha Foundation Founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Monday said India is the direction the world will move in the next decade.

Strong sense of nationhood needed for a prosperous Bharat

15 Aug, 2022 | India Today

In these 75 years as a nation, we have come a long way. Of course, we can always complain that we could have been better, but in 1947, when the British left us, the average life expectancy of an Indian was 28 years. Today it is over 70. Businesses have developed, infrastructure has come up, and science and technology have evolved. India is in space, going to Mars. Many things have happened. And above all, many qualified Indians across the world are managing some of the top businesses.

How to make 'Bhavya Bharat' dream a reality

15 Aug, 2022 | Wion

In the life of a nation, seventy-five years of independence is not too much time. The important thing to take into consideration is where we were and where we are today. In 1947 when India attained its independence, the average life expectancy of an Indian was twenty-eight years. Today it is seventy plus years. This is a phenomenal achievement, and this is what nation building means – that people are living longer and living better.

Sadhguru calls for strong sense of nationhood

14 Aug, 2022 | The Week

A strong sense of nationhood is needed to enable the prosperity and well-being of those left out of the growth cycle of India, said Sadhguru, the founder of Isha foundation, in his Independence Day message. 

Isha in Media

'Isha Agro Movement' to train 3,000 farmers

Around 3,000 farmers from across the state would be trained in natural farming at a nine-day event at SRM Medical College, Trichy, from February 2.

Commonwealth Secretary General finds Sadhguru’s soil restoring efforts ‘inspiring’

17 Aug, 2022 | First Post

The Secretary-General has earlier shown her support for the global Save Soil movement when Sadhguru went on a crucial 100-day, 30,000 km solo motorcycle journey across 27 nations to bring urgent policy interventions in the world to save the dying soil.

CSG Patricia Scotland tours Agroforestry Farm in Pollachi during her visit to India

15 Aug, 2022 | Associated Times

Patricia Scotland- the sixth and first lady of the Secretary General of the Commonwealth, who is currently on a ten-day visit to the Republic of India, toured Agroforestry Farm in Pollachi.

‘Commonwealth nations to partner with Isha’s Save Soil movement’

15 Aug, 2022 | The Hindu

Isha’s Save Soil movement reflects what the U.N. agencies and the Commonwealth are aspiring to do, Commonwealth Nations Secretary-General Patricia Scotland has said.

Human is not a resource, but endless possibility, says Sadhguru

06 Aug, 2022 | TOI

Human resource practitioners, entrepreneurs, chief experience officers and business leaders from across the country are attending the 5th edition of the programme, which started with an introductory video from Sadhguru, explaining the insight behind the programme.

On a bicycle mission to protect soil

04 Aug, 2022 | The Hindu

Sixteen-year-old Sahil Jha is on a mission to save soil for the future generations. A native of Kolkata, Sahil started his journey on May 1 on his bicycle. He will travel 25,000 km through various States in one-and-a-half years to convey the message of protecting the soil.

Press Releases

“Inspiring To See “Save Soil” In Action At Agroforestry Farm”: Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland After Coimbatore Farm Visit

17 Aug, 2022

"Inspiring to see “Save Soil” in action at an Agroforestry Farm in Pollachi #India,” tweeted Secretary General of the Commonwealth Nations The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland after her visit to the Tamil Nadu farm, which is one of the model farms for the Save Soil initiative, guided by Isha Agro Movement which started in 2007 and is pioneering a turn towards natural organic farming.

“India Is The Direction The World Will Move In The Next Decade”: Sadhguru On 75th Anniversary Of Independence Day

15 Aug, 2022

“To make your life pleasant within you is a very simple process. Unfortunately, a large segment of humanity is struggling and grappling with that. In this sense, India is the direction that the world will move in the next decade for sure,” said Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, during the 75-year anniversary celebrations of Indian Independence Day at Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore.

India@75: Sadhguru Encourages “Har Ghar Tiranga” Campaign, Sings National Anthem, Highlights Unsung Revolutionaries

14 Aug, 2022

As wave of celebrations commemorating 75 years of India’s independence sweeps across the Nation, Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, has shared a soulful rendition of the National Anthem with the message: “A Mother who has stolen a billion hearts. My Beloved Bharat, may you be the beat of our hearts, and a song upon our lips and a beacon to the world.”

On Day 3 Of Isha’s Leadership Program HINAR 2022, Focus On Execution Of Sadhguru’s Journey For Save Soil

08 Aug, 2022

: Themed around “Blueprint for Active Transformation”, the “Human Is Not A Resource” (HINAR 2022) program organised by Isha Leadership Academy at the picturesque Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore culminated on Sunday with an impromptu session by some of the core team members of “Save Soil”, the global movement steered by Sadhguru, that has now touched over 3.9 billion people across the globe, making it the biggest people’s movement in the world.

You Can’t Be A Good Leader Without Being A Good Coach: Executive Coach Ruchira Chaudhary At Isha’s HINAR 2022

06 Aug, 2022

“You cannot be a good leader without being a good coach,” asserted Ruchira Chaudhary, Executive Coach, and Founder, TrueNorth Consulting continuing her session on coaching as an effective Leadership Role Modeling tool on day 2 of “Human Is Not A Resource” (HINAR 2022) program, organised by Isha Leadership Academy at the picturesque Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore. “Coaching is not a distinct discipline. It is what you do every single day as you lead those that work with you, that work for you,” expressed Ruchira.

Need To Back Consistent Performers Going Through A Rough Phase: Former Cricketer Venkatesh Prasad At Isha’s HINAR 2022

05 Aug, 2022

Speaking on Day 1 of the leadership program “Human Is NOT A Resource”, organised by Isha Leadership Academy at the beautiful Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore, former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad backed consistent performers going through a rough phase.