It all started in 2006, when I attended my Isha Yoga program. My teacher inspired me, and the words Sadhguru shared about being on the path of teaching – of knowing fulfillment. I also had the opportunity to work with Isha teachers on a regular basis while I was working and volunteering.

So in 2010, I enrolled myself in the training full-time, with most of my training happening when I was part of Sadhguru’s various mega events. Since I started conducting Isha Yoga programs, just being in a class itself is enough for me to cleanse myself. At the same time, seeing those participants blooming in front of you in a very short span of time is so fulfilling that I always want to improve my next class in every aspect, in terms of maintaining the ambiance, time, attention, being with participants and more...

I remember a particular class, which happened just before the Chennai floods in 2015. On Wednesday morning, I met with a small accident and injured my right knee a bit but in the evening, I went and conducted the program. There is a song in one of Sounds of Isha’s albums that goes "Pain it is, but joy it brings." It was a chance for me to experience that physically also...

Above all, being on this path has given me a lot of exposure, experiences and opportunities. I always feel that this is such a blessed way to experience spirituality.

~ Prabhu, Tamil Isha Yoga Ishanga


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