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Ashram Volunteering

Volunteering allows you to have a profound experience of the ashram. It brings a deep sense of involvement and serves as a powerful tool for inner transformation.

”If you want to get involved but not entangled, volunteering is a powerful tool. You should make use of it, to make activity a tool for your liberation.”


Volunteering is actively encouraged at the Isha Yoga Center. Participate in various activities geared towards bringing human wellbeing to all. Moreover, the joy of living and working in the pristine and natural environs of the ashram, amidst a thriving community of spiritual seekers, is highly conducive for your sadhana. If you have time on your hands and a beating heart, join us on a journey of self-transformation and global impact.

Flexible Duration


Volunteering at the Isha Yoga Center is free-of-charge. This possibility is available throughout the year for individuals who can spend three days or more in volunteering for various activities geared towards human wellbeing.

Individuals with diverse interests come to the Center to offer their skills and expertise and contribute to various social and environmental projects. In the process, they can imbibe the vibrant energies of the consecrated spaces, connect with the natural habitat, enjoy wholesome food, experience a healthy lifestyle, and engage in jubilant multicultural events.


  • The main criteria for volunteering is a willingness to get involved and give yourself to whatever is needed at the moment.

  • Individuals aged 18 and above who have attended the Inner Engineering Completion program can apply and stay at the dormitory accommodation free of cost.


One can apply based on individual availability. An individual has the opportunity to volunteer for a duration of at least 3 days or upto several years.

How to Apply for Ashram Volunteering?

Receive a call within 3 days of application

Receive a response within 7 days

“I’ve stopped judging myself for every little thing. I see what’s the best I can do. As a result, I feel more balanced and subtly joyful!”

- Avani Jain, Classical Singer, Isha Samskriti

Frequently Asked Questions

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