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Program Volunteering

Touch the lives of program participants through this intense process of volunteering.

“There is no greater fulfillment than to touch and transform lives.”


Program volunteering is an opportunity to offer oneself to make programs and events at the Isha Yoga Center happen in the best possible way. These include Inner Engineering Retreat, Bhava Spandana, Shoonya Intensive, and other residential programs. Volunteers ensure the smooth functioning of the program from the beginning to the end.

Flexible Duration
Inner Engineering Completion


Program volunteers have the opportunity to volunteer for many of the spiritual programs offered at the Isha Yoga Center, as well as special programs and events like “Human Is Not A Resource”, Linga Bhairavi Yantra Ceremony, INSIGHT, Isha Yoga Summer Program for Children.

Program volunteering starts one day before the start date of the program and ends one day after the culmination of the program. It involves helping participants with check-in, preparing and serving food, ushering, hall setup, and wind-up. The volunteers can also review their practices and get corrected by Isha Yoga instructors.


Those aged 18 years and above who have completed the Inner Engineering program, and have been initiated into the Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya are eligible to apply.


The duration for volunteering varies as per the program or event. More details can be found in the Volunteering Interest Form.

“I just know this program is my responsibility and it should happen perfectly. I want to offer the same ambience which I got during the program as a participant.”

- Rekha Rauthan, Office Admin, Delhi

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