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  • Sadhguru Exclusive

Preparatory Sadhana for Naga Pratishtha

The long-awaited Naga Pratishtha is only a few days away. In preparation for this unprecedented mystical event, Sadhguru has given the following sadhana for participants attending the consecration.

This sadhana is not mandatory but will help make your system more receptive as you go through the process.

You can start this sadhana 21 days prior to the event, starting from 18 Sep. If you are not able to do it for 21 days, you can do the sadhana for 14 days (starting 25 Sep), 7 days (starting 2 Oct) or 3 days (starting 6 Oct).


  • If you have been initiated into any Isha practices, please continue to do them daily.

  • If you have not been initiated into any Isha practices, you can practice Isha Kriya daily .
    Practice Yoga Namaskar , daily – 3 cycles

  • Chant Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya for 20 minutes daily, preferably during the sandhya kalas. In preparation for the consecration, after you have learned the new Naga chant, chant it instead of the Yoga Yoga Yogeshwaraya chant.


  • Have only two vegetarian meals a day. Avoid alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

  • Consume at least 25-50% raw food.


  • Shower/bath should be taken twice a day. Bathe using natural products like herbal bathing powder.

It is a rare privilege to be part of the first consecration at the Isha Yoga Center, Bengaluru. Since the infrastructure of the space is minimal and the event will happen in open air, please be equipped to be outdoors for the day. Also, to accommodate the growing number of participants registering for the event, we will be opening the check-in earlier to ease the flow of traffic to the venue.