Shivanga Sadhana For Gents

The Shivanga sadhana is about bringing into your awareness that you are a limb of Shiva, the very source of creation and the Ultimate Possibility. - Sadhguru

Shivanga Sadhana For Gents


The Shivanga Sadhana for Gents is a powerful 42-day vrata (period of sadhana). Offered by Sadhguru, this sadhana enhances one's receptivity to the energies of Dhyanalinga, and allows one to explore deeper levels of experience in body, mind, and energy. The sadhana is also an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the sacred Velliangiri Mountain, and be initiated into Shiva Namaskar, a powerful practice. The sadhana starts every full moon day and culminates on the Shivratri of the next month in the Isha Yoga Center.

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Upcoming Initiation and Culmination dates - SHIVANGA for men 2019

Initiation Culmination Date Yatra Date
Oct 24, Wed (2018) Dec 05, Wed (2018) Dec 6, Thu (2018)
Nov 22, Thu (2018) Jan 04, Fri Jan 05, Sat
Dec 22, Sat (2018) Feb 03, Sun Feb 04, Mon
(Thai Amavasya)
Jan 20, Sun March 04, Mon March 04, Mon
Feb 19, Tue April 03, Wed April 04, Thu
Mar 20, Wed May 03, Fri May 04, Sat
Apr 19, Fri
(Chitra Purnima)
Jun 01, Sat Jun 02, Sun
May 18, Sat
(Buddha Purnima)
Jul 01, Mon Jul 02, Tue
Jun 17, Mon Jul 30, Tue Jul 31, Wed
(Adi Amavasya)
Jul 16 Tue
(Guru Purnima)
Aug 28, Wed Aug 29 Thu
Aug 15, Thu Sep 27, Fri Sep 28, Sat
(Mahalaya Amavasya)
Sep 13, Fri Oct 26, Sat Oct 27, Sun
Oct 13, Sun Nov 24, Sun Nov 25, Mon
Nov 12, Tue Dec 24, Tue Dec 25, Wed


Sadhana Guidelines For Men:

  • The sadhana begins on Pournami and ends on Shivarathri, 42 days later.
  • Shivangas will be initiated into the Shivanamaskar practice and the appropriate mantras.
  • Shivanamaskaram should be done with devotion 21 times a day, either before sunrise or after sunset on an empty stomach.
  • It is mandatory for the Shivangas to be at the Dhayanalinga in Coimbatore on Shivarathri.
  • Shower/bath should be taken twice a day. Herbal bathing powder (snanam podi) can be used instead of soap.
  • Biksha must be received from at least 21 people.
  • During the period of the vrata, smoking, consuming alcohol and eating non-vegetarian food are not allowed.
  • Only 2 meals can be had during the day. The first meal should be after 12 noon.
  • Whites or light color clothing can be worn during the Sadhana period.