Q: What exactly is the specific time of the Brahma Muhurta? What is its importance, and how can we absorb the maximum energy during that time?

The Time-period of Brahma Muhurta

Sadhguru: If we consider the night as the period from sunset to sunrise, then the last quarter of the night is the Brahma Muhurta time – anywhere between 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 or 6:00 a.m., or whatever is the time of sunrise.


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What Happens During Brahma Muhurta?

The nature of the planet’s relationship with the sun and moon is such that certain physiological changes happen in the human system at this time. Medical science has even found that the waste material in your body, such as your urine for example, has certain qualities at that time which it does not have at any other time of the day.

There is substantial research into this. The entire body is in a certain conducive atmosphere, and there is a natural production of what is called melatonin, which is a secretion of the pineal gland. We want to make use of this because the pineal gland is secreting at its maximum during Brahma Muhurta, which means you can stabilize.


In modern medicine, melatonin is seen as a mood stabilizer. I have been talking about bringing yourself to ease for a long time! Bringing yourself to ease means you are not a fluctuation. Coming to ease happens naturally during Brahma Muhurta.

At this time, people, want to sit up and do their spiritual processes so that they get the most benefit. Brahma Muhurta means the time of the creator. You can look at it this way: it is the time when you can create yourself. You become the Brahman in the morning, so you can make yourself the way you want yourself to be.

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