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Ever found yourself dozing off after a meal. Sadhguru tells us how we can learn to use the food we have eaten, so that it doesn’t bring dullness to the body.
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Question:Sadhguru, when I do sadhana, I am finding myself dozing off. I thought this was due to tiredness, but whenever I close my eyes and meditate, I fall asleep. How can I stay awake?

First, let us understand what sleep is about. If sleep is invading your life anytime of the day, you must first check your basic health and see if there is something wrong with your system. When you are physically unwell, you will tend to sleep much more than normal – the body wants to rest.

The second thing is the food that you eat. Consuming at least a certain amount of vegetarian material, particularly in uncooked condition, is very important for your general wellbeing. When you cook food, a large volume of prana is destroyed. That is one of the reasons why a certain amount of lethargy settles into the body. If you just eat a certain amount of live food, apart from many other benefits, one thing that will immediately happen is your sleep quota will go down dramatically.

Essentially, your alertness depends on how keenly you manage your energies. If you want to meditate, your alertness must be not of the mind alone, but of your very energy. To assist this, generally, for people who are on the yogic path, it is said that you should eat only twenty-four mouthfuls, and you must chew every mouthful at least twenty-four times. Now your food will be pre-digested in your mouth before it goes in, and it will not cause dullness.

If you do this during your evening meal and then sleep in the night, you will easily wake up at three-thirty in the morning, and you can meditate. In the yogic systems, this time is called the Brahma Muhurtam. It is an ideal time to wake up, because at that time, there is an extra support from nature itself for your sadhana. If you take a bath and keep your hair wet, you will easily stay awake and alert through your sadhana until eight o’clock. If you eat just twenty-four morsels in your morning meal, you will definitely not feel sleepy until dinnertime. After one-and-a- half to two hours, you will be hungry, and that is the best way to be. Just because the stomach is empty, you do not have to put food. Just drink water and you will stay alert and energetic throughout the day. Your system will learn to use the food you have eaten well, rather than simply wasting it. Economically and ecologically it is good for the world, and good for your health – you may never fall sick if you eat like this.

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3 years 10 months ago

I am not knowledgeable enough to agree or disagree to what is being written in this post but this is for sure quite opposed to what nutritionists in today's times tell us. People on Yogic path should have 24 mouthfuls and only 2 meals. What if these many mouthfuls don't satisfy your hunger? Also, nutritionists ask to eat 5-6 small meals at an interval of 2-3 hours everyday. Are they fooling us? According to this post, we don't even need much food only on a daily basis, and there are heath supplements for protein, vitamins, minerals, etc, are they all rubbish? Should we not eat anti oxidants to save ourselves from the free radical damage that happens to us because of pollution? I read a book called "I can make you thin" by Paul McKeana. Its a very acclaimed book for those seeking weight loss. He asks to follow 4 golden rules -- Eat when you are hungry, eat what you want to eat and not what you think you should eat, enjoy every mouthful, stop eating when you are not hungry. A lot of people have achieved massive results from his system. But this again is quite opposed to what has been written in this post.
I have read at many places that one should keep eating at short intervals to keep the metabolism going on at a steady rate. Long gaps between meals brings down the metabolism, body enters the starvation mode, starts converting the food you eat to fat to store it for emergency situations, etc.. Is this all nonsensical?

6 years 7 months ago

Thank you I will follow the same

3 years 10 months ago

Is 3.30 the same Brahma muhurtham time in other geographical locations, say UK?

6 years 8 months ago

Great...This is exactly what I have been following, and the benefits are immense.

6 years 6 months ago

Everything is so perfect what satguru is telling i really liked it

3 years 4 months ago

I also have same questions as Ankit. Ankit, did you get answer to this?

6 years 8 months ago

This is simple yet incredibly vital Wisdom which must reach everyone today. Lack of it in our lives is creating the misery and havoc.

Thank you for correcting and showing us the way Sadhguru. Shambho!

2 years 3 months ago

Only twenty four morsels through the entire day? Or twenty four morsels at each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively)?

6 years 8 months ago

I agree with Sadguru!!!Just that i can't get up at 3.30 A.M or may be its a Mindset;-)

6 years 5 months ago

For long time i had a query that why should we have uncooked food And falling asleep during day time. I wonder it is co related and now its clarified. Thanks to Sadguru ji.

2 years 3 months ago

WE ԜILL.? They bօth shouted and they rrаn to the bedroom
Ьicқering about who gerts to go firѕt.

6 years 8 months ago

I was advised since my chilhood to chew well and eat slowly. I could never change. But now I hav changed by just reading the article. Such s the wisdom, such s the power of sadhguru' s words.

6 years 4 months ago

I like to stay awake but my physical condition allow this?hw can u help me?

6 years 8 months ago

Thanks for the timely article. Timely reminder to eat more raw food.

5 years 1 month ago

I had thick black hair...of late i am experiencing profuse hair fall hair thinning n hair became brown... wht sld i do to get bac to health

6 years 8 months ago

sadguru... thanks a lot... i dont feel happy if i dont open your blog atleast once a day... pranams

5 years 1 month ago

Sadguru Ji, Koti Koti pranaam ebam koti koti dhanyabaad, Can a person be cured of all the deadly diseases (such as cancer) that otherwise seem incurable through prankriyas and sadhana? How much time one should devote for each of these practices and how much time it will take to get completely cured of such diseases?

6 years 8 months ago

This is what i exactly wanted. Just when was trying to make good food habits, you just given a way to do that. I still wonder, lots of things like vairagya mantra, Food habits., etc come to me at a time when i was actually looking for it. Is this coincidence? or Sadhguru knows the needs of practitioners?

5 years ago

I Had completed basic ISHA YOGA class,but I never plracticed. Now i would like to continue,How can I PARACTICE AGAIN Is there any online way

6 years 8 months ago

thank you very much for this Sadhguru. this is really great information you have shared here. who would have thought that falling asleep during meditation can be due to the food that a person takes in all the while i used to think that it was also because of tiredness or poor concentration.

3 years 11 months ago

so twety four mouthfull each meal or twenty four mouthful total in 24 hours?

6 years 8 months ago

To assist this, generally, for people who are on the yogic path, it is said that you should eat only twenty-four mouthfuls, and you must chew every mouthful at least twenty-four times.
What is meant by Twenty-four mouthfuls.

3 years 11 months ago

thanks good and all but u don't have to be dependent on anything to be happy... u can just be without any reason....

6 years 7 months ago

A mouthful is the amount of food that you put into your mouth with spoon, fork, or hand at one time before chewing and swallowing it.