Q: Namaskaram, Sadhguru. With the Guru that you are, my life has changed throughout. I’m doing my sadhana and volunteering as well. But beyond that, I seriously don’t know what’s the best way to show my gratitude towards you. Please tell me.

Sadhguru: Gratitude is not something that you have to show. You have to show gratitude to people who are expecting it. Their lives get enhanced by nice things that other people say because they do not know who they are, what they are and what they are worth. This is one thing I can guarantee you – whatever nice things anyone says about me do not enhance my life. Whatever terrible things they say do not diminish my life in any way.  


So, you expressing your gratitude would be a waste of this very precious material called gratitude. You do not have to express it. If you keep this gratitude in your heart, it will melt your heart and the very being that you are. It will melt everything in you.  

If you melt, you will naturally spread. That is the best thing that can be done. But since you are still in a state of wanting to do something. So why should I waste this opportunity? 

Surprising Encounters

Sadhguru talking to children | How Do You Show Your Gratitude For Your Guru?


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I was in Delhi recently, addressing the Indian Air Force. They were Air Force educators and are running over three thousand schools across the country. As I left the venue and was just about to get in the car, I saw these fourteen, fifteen-year-old girls, hopping and screaming, “Sadhguru, Sadhguru, Sadhguru!” I looked at them and asked, “Why are you screaming ‘Sadhguru’? How do you know me?” “Sadhguru, we follow you. We listen to your talks.” “I am sure you are bored.” “No, we love it, Sadhguru. You rock, Sadhguru!” 

“In our class, everyone knows you. We all watch you. You are cool, Sadhguru.”

Then, I came to Bangalore. We had a Rally for Rivers board meeting. After that, I was meeting someone in the garden. Three boys – ten, eleven years of age – came to me and said, “Sadhguru, can we take a picture with you?” I said, “How do you know who I am?” They said, “We are watching your videos.” I said, “What? Your mothers must be forcing you.” They said, “No, in our school everyone, all our friends, watch your videos.” I really could not believe it. They said, “In our class, everyone knows you. We all watch you. You are cool, Sadhguru.” I thought this is something. Ten-year-old boys are watching spiritual talks, all by themselves! 

From a Straw for the Dying to a Living Experience

This has always been the goal, to make spiritual process attractive. Not something for people who are dying, where fear of death makes them say “Ram, Ram.” Not that kind of spirituality. Those who long to live well will seek spiritual process. Spiritual process should become an ordinary process, a way of life. The way people live should become spiritual. 

Those who long to live well will seek spiritual process.

Consciousness should not be something that is preserved somewhere. Consciousness should spread and live in the world. When ten-year-old boys begin to watch spiritual talks, it is a good thing. When I was ten, eleven, I definitely was not. Well, I was, in different way. Because I met this man who was physically super-capable. He climbed up a well like Spiderman. I got interested in him, not for any spiritual purposes, but because I thought he will make me into some kind of superhero. I am glad all the antics I have been doing are working for the children.


We are just about ready for a global burst. You should not look at it as a big thing for Isha or Sadhguru. That is not the point. The point is, young children are becoming interested in the spiritual process. This is fantastic. So far, spiritual process was considered as the last thing people hang on to when they are dying, like a drowning man hanging on to a straw. 

They lived their lives in absolutely unconscious ways, doing stupid things all the time. All they did was accumulate, accumulate, accumulate – whether it comes to money, wealth, or knowledge. They even accumulated their love and their laughter without giving it to anyone. They really stored up. And when they realized they were going to die, and they saw others who died all went empty-handed, then suddenly, they were saying, “Ram, Ram, Ram.” 

I am suddenly super-charged after meeting these three boys in Bangalore. Ten, eleven-year-old boys – for them to even be interested in a Guru is a tremendous thing.

Unfortunately, spiritual process has become like this in the last few centuries, even in this country. So, I am suddenly super-charged after meeting these three boys in Bangalore. Ten, eleven-year-old boys – for them to even be interested in a Guru is a tremendous thing. 

Hearts Full of Gratitude

So, we are on the verge of a global burst. We need to conduct things right. When it happens, we need lots of hands. And if there are hearts full of gratitude, we would like to put them to use. If you ever thought, even for a fleeting moment, that you must do something – this is the time. To create another movement like this is not easy. This is not to brag about myself. This is not about me. This is about the spiritual process. Never before has hardcore spiritual process been as widely accepted as it is now with us.

Do not build a golden monument for me after I am dead. Maybe I will create a situation that you cannot create a monument, because you do not know where I went. I have still not decided on that. But we do not want to be a monument. Do you want me to become a monument for you? No. This possibility must become a living energy on the planet. It should live in everyone’s hearts. 

If gratitude is bursting in your heart, keep it there. Let it melt your stupid brains which come in the way. Anything that you ever thought you should do, please do it in the next six months to one year because this is when it is needed.

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A version of this article was originally published in Forest Flower, September 2018.