The First Sadhanapada program, which started with over 200 participants at Isha Yoga Center on Guru Purnima 2018, is nearing completion this Mahashivratri 2019. The participants stayed in the Yoga Center for a transformative 7 months, going through an intense sadhana schedule, which included yoga practices and volunteering (seva).



This month, the participants were surprised by a long-awaited session with Sadhguru, filled with laughter and tears of joy.

Sadhguru: All of you have done wonderfully well this Sadhanapada. I deeply appreciate this. At a time like this, when young people are involved in all kinds of things that they should be nowhere near, seeing so many of you here in that age group is fantastic. When I was growing up, everyone around me was into various diverse things. I was the only freak who wanted to do something within myself. Everyone only wanted to do something with somebody else. So, it is fantastic to see all of you here like this.

If you just keep your humanity on, I will step into your life every moment – but you must keep it on. All other creatures are geared to live by their instincts. Every one of them, in their own way, is setting up their boundaries by instinct all the time. A human being means, he or she can consciously erase their boundary – they can live without boundaries. For physical reasons, because of the nature of the world we are living in, we may set up a fence. But there are no boundaries in our hearts.


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So, please see how to make it happen for yourself. Just because the period of Sadhanapada is over, that does not mean it is over. Life is sadhana... Sadhana means a tool. This body, mind, and energy are our tools and these are the only tools we really have. If they do not become effective and sharp, then it becomes a lousy life. You may have money, wealth, and so many things, but if this life is not on in a big way, then all those things are just a nuisance. This is what sadhana means – that you make your body, mind, and energy into a powerful tool. So we have to learn to use the tools. If you learn to use these tools, naturally you will erase your boundaries. With powerful tools and no boundaries, you will become a fantastic force on the planet. That is what we want to see. Let’s make it happen.

As the first-ever Sadhanapada program comes to a close, we look back at the journey of the participants, highlighting the last few months as they prepared for Mahashivratri and Samyama.


With the transition into Kaivalya Pada, the participants reflect on how the past seven months have created a steady base to lead a joyful life. As everyone eagerly awaits the 25th Mahashivratri celebrations at Isha, many of them have been actively engaged in their activity to make this event happen in the best possible way.

Sanketh, India - Joining the Mahashivratri Coordination Team

Intense activity and absolute stillness! It is my dream to experience these two aspects while in Sadhanapada. I am very happy to see myself moving in that direction especially in last few weeks during Mahashivratri volunteering. Getting to know the Classical Yoga Workshop participants, and understanding and supporting them has been a wonderful experience for me.

Stevan, Germany - Why I Joined Sadhanapada

I didn't want to just do something because everybody else is doing it. So I wanted to do something that really makes a change… And through Sadhanapada, they're offering the space here where you can just be and don't have to worry about food, groceries or anything. You can just be here, volunteer, and be joyful.

Aniruddh, Russia - Learning the Meaning Of Gratitude

Part of my seva was accompanying a large group of people visiting from Russia on the Southern Sojourn yatra. Being on this journey with them made me more joyful, since I didn't really worry about food or sleep and it was always about what I could do next to enhance their experience.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this. If there's one thing that I am going to take back with me, it's the meaning of the word gratitude.

Paulina, Mexico - Celebration And Leaving The Old Ways

I'm such a fan of the Indian culture that I'm convinced in my last life I was Indian! In India as a country, as a nation, people celebrate life in so many ways – for every season, for your work utensils, for every God, for every animal, for the plants, for everything!

For me Sadhanapada means liberation – liberation from the old ways. Earlier I was stressed all the time or depressed or angry or anxious – I was anxious about everything all the time. So Sadhanapada has freed me from all of that, from that state of continuous anxiety.

Nora, Germany / Ireland : From Frustration To Bliss

I was doing different jobs, living in different countries. So there was always that restlessness.

I think that one of the biggest things that I didn’t even realize before was how much tension I had.

So these seven months of Sadhanapada have been really explosive for me and just the sense of joy and clarity and balance that I got here is really incredible.

What’s Next For The Sadhanapada 2018 Participants

Inspired by their time here, some will stay back at the ashram as full-time volunteers to help fulfill Sadhguru’s vision and continue to deepen their experience established during Sadhanapada. Others plan to support in ashram activities remotely or have hinted at coming back to support the Sadhanapada 2019 program.

Editor’s Note: Find out more about Sadhanapada and apply for the upcoming program here.