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Poornanga - Limbs of the Ultimate

An opportunity to live and grow in the lap of the Master and be a part of his vision to craft a Conscious Planet.

“Poornanga means becoming a limb of the Ultimate. As such, in Action or inaction, you will do only that which works for All.”

Who is a Poornanga?

The Poornanga Experience

Grow under the guidance of a Living Master

Live a Yogic life in a powerfully consecrated space

Hasten your inner growth with disciplined spiritual practices

Contribute through the enriching sadhana of selfless activity

A Poornanga is one who has dedicated oneself to helping realize Sadhguru’s vision of raising human consciousness and leaving behind a better planet for future generations.

Minimum 3-year commitment
Must have completed Inner Engineering
Completion of Sadhanapada recommended


  • Experience living in a community of dedicated spiritual seekers.

  • Live a healthy lifestyle and deepen your connect with nature.

  • Learn advanced practices and benefit from regular satsangs and practice correction sessions.

  • Poornanga is offered free of charge and includes food, accommodation and basic amenities.

  • Poornangas are required to reside at the Isha Yoga Center.


  • The main criteria for being a Poornanga is the willingness to get involved and give yourself to whatever is needed at the moment.

  • Individuals aged 18 and above who have completed Inner Engineering (including initiation into Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya) can apply.


At least three years

How Does One Become a Poornanga?

Application Review



Frequently Asked Questions