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Ways To Volunteer

Skill-based volunteering

Isha Yoga Center provides numerous and varied volunteering opportunities for both short-term and long-term periods.

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Program / Event based Volunteering

Isha’s volunteers are its bedrock, and they are instrumental to the success of each and every one of its events. Program and event volunteers are offered the first-hand experience of creating events such as business leadership programs, events being conducted by Sadhguru personally, social initiatives (like the Rally for Rivers), and Isha Yoga programs.

Ashram Volunteering

Volunteering in the ashram is a unique opportunity to involve yourself in various activities while being soaked in the sacred space of the Isha Yoga Center.

Linga Seva

Linga Seva is an immersive 8-day experience with Dhyanalinga. To be in the presence of this phenomenal energy form is to be in the presence of a live Guru. A moment of openness is all it takes for one to be transported into new dimensions of experience and perception.

Devi Seva

Sadhguru has created an opportunity for volunteers to be in the presence of Devi and do seva or service at LingaSadhguru has created an opportunity for volunteers to be in the presence of Devi and do seva or service at Linga


I’m like manure. If you keep it on your head, it will be no good. If you look up to it, it will fall on your face. But if you sink your roots into me, for sure you will flower.

Life at Isha

Sadhanapada is the biggest turning point in my life and the best decision I have ever taken. What this program has given me is phenomenal that nobody can give me in my entire life. The time spent here has helped me realize that the only one person to work on is me. Earlier I was blaming outside situations for things that were happening within, but Sadhanapada has scrubbed off so many things for me in thoughts, emotions and body. So, thank you Sadhguru for giving us this big opportunity and for allowing me to be in place where everything from waking up to food to shelter is taken care of and I just need to learn how to be.    

- Akshay, India (Mumbai)