Pancha Bhuta Kriya with Sadhguru Online

on Mahashivratri

7 March 2024

10 PM ET / 7 PM PT

Duration: 30 minutes

Registration Closed


A rare opportunity to participate in Pancha Bhuta Kriya in Sadhguru’s presence

Experience a powerful Yogic process of elemental cleansing on Mahashivratri

Prepares you to make the most of the natural upsurge of energy on Mahashivratri

Cleanse the 5 Elements within on Mahashivratri

Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online is a unique opportunity to experience the grace of Sadhguru on Mahashivratri. In Yoga, the five elements are seen as the basis of all creation, including the physical body. The Yogic sciences have powerful processes that can bring the body and mind to a vibrant state of health and wellbeing by purifying the five elements within the human system. With the Pancha Bhuta Kriya, Sadhguru opens up a unique opportunity for everyone to benefit from the powerful Yogic process of Bhuta Shuddhi, or elemental cleansing, which would otherwise require intense sadhana (spiritual practice).

Significance of Elemental Cleansing on Mahashivratri

Sadhguru: “The most potent Mahashivratri of the year - is a night when there is a natural upsurge of energy in the human system, which one can make use of towards their wellbeing. Pancha Bhuta Kriya on Mahashivratri creates a powerful possibility to enable the five elements in your body to integrate much better. If you keep the five elements controlled, vibrant and focused, health, wellbeing and success in the world are assured.”

About Dhyanalinga

Sadhguru: “The Dhyanalinga is not limited to time and space. If you are willing, you don't have to go there, in your own house you can just experience it the same way. The basis of all creation including the physical body is the five elements. The air that you breathe, the water that you drink, the food that you eat, and the land that you walk upon and the fire of life in the form of life force; if you keep these vibrant, controlled and focused, health, wellbeing and success in the world is assured. It is our endeavor to create various devices here which will allow people to make this happen for themselves in such a way that the very way that you exist is a Pancha Bhuta Kriya. The way this body, this physical self exists here should be in adoration of the five elements, in accordance with the natural principles of life. One can use this for physical wellbeing, for their worldly success, at the same time, it can be a great stepping stone for one’s ultimate liberation too.”

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Supports weak constitutions and stabilizes the body 

Balances the mind 

Alleviates sleep disturbances and a constant sense of fear  

Program Details

Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online

Program Guidelines

You must be above 13 years of age to attend the program. Anyone between 13 to 17 years of age will require parental consent to register for the program.

The Orientation Session will be available to watch on demand from 9:30 pm ET/ 8:30 pm CT / 6:30 pm PT on 5 March until 9:30 pm ET/ 8:30 pm CT / 6:30 pm PT on 8 March. This session will help you familiarize yourself with the Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit and prepare for the process.You will need a stable internet connection.

Participant Experiences

“When I participated in the Pancha Bhuta Kriya online last year, I felt as though I was in the temple in person with Sadhguru. I felt blown away by how profound the experience was. A few months after this process I noticed how gradually my insomnia corrected itself and I have been feeling well rested throughout the day.”

- Matt Clarkson

Celebrate Mahashivrati with Sadhguru on March 8th

Mahashivratri is one of the largest and most significant among the sacred festivals of India. The festival celebrates the Grace of Shiva, who is considered the Adi Guru or the First Guru from whom the Yogic tradition originates. The planetary positions on this night, which is also the darkest night of the year, are such that there is a powerful natural upsurge of energy in the human system. It is enormously beneficial for one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing to stay awake and aware in a vertical posture throughout the night.

Isha Institute of Inner-sciences
in McMinnville, TN, 6pm - 6am CST

Live performance by the celebrated Odissi dancer, Arushi Mudgal


Join Live Celebrations at Isha Institute


The Abode of Yoga will be open throughout the night on this special occasion.

Culminate your Mahashivratri sadhana in this consecrated space. 

At Isha Institute: Live performance by the celebrated Odissi dancer, Arushi Mudgal, who was named one of the Top Ten Dancers of 2018 by the New York Times. She has toured extensively, performing at prestigious international venues and festivals. Watch video

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