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Ishanga 7%

Sadhguru Offers Bond of Grace

Ishanga 7%

Sadhguru Offers Bond of Grace

Ishanga 7%

Ishanga 7% is an opportunity to take Sadhguru’s grace in your life’s endeavors. It involves an active, voluntary participation by donating 7% of your earnings on an ongoing basis to support Sadhguru’s larger vision of a conscious planet, and partnering in this unique generational endeavor to raise human consciousness and protect the planet from further degradation.

Sadhguru Offers Bond of Grace

“Bond of Grace is a Bond for Life.” — Sadhguru

Bond of Grace, formerly Mahima Yantra in the US and Nanmai Uruvam in India, is a consecrated form that has been placed in the sphere of the Dhyanalinga to imbibe its energies. 

Ishanga 7% Partners have an opportunity to participate in an exclusive online program called “Sadhguru Offers Bond of Grace.” In this online program, you will be initiated into a powerful process to be practiced every day to enhance your connection with grace.

Ishanga 7% Partners are not required to have the consecrated form or participate in this ceremony to be available to grace. However those who need or prefer the support of a consecrated form can register for the upcoming ceremony. 

Bond of Grace next ceremony date to be announced.


I have continuously felt Sadhguru's presence since I signed up for the Ishanga 7% in late 2015. I feel my life and career are on autopilot, bringing me opportunities and growth which I was incapable of by myself alone. Soon after becoming Ishanga 7%, I got a job at one of the world's top Management Consulting firms. In the next two years, I traveled across the world and was promoted to Associate Partner. In another year's time, I served the CIO of a $70B Fortune50 company and now lead technology for a large business unit. All this from a Software Architect position just a few years ago. While one cannot ascertain why things really happen in life, his presence within myself has certainly altered my trajectory and led to a more intense and rewarding life.

- Saurabh, NJ

How you can benefit from becoming an Ishanga 7% Partner

Enhance your receptivity to Sadhguru’s grace

By becoming an Ishanga 7% partner you nourish the life within you and enhance your receptivity to grace

Receive a consecrated form

Learn a daily practice to be done with the Bond of Grace consecrated form and experience grace in all that you do. This is optional for Ishanga 7%

Be a part of Sadhguru’s vision

You become a part of Sadhguru’s vision for humanity and Isha’s various projects through your Ishanga 7% Partner contributions

For questions and clarifications, Visit the FAQs or contact us at donate@ishausa.org

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