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Ishanga 7% is an opportunity to take Sadhguru’s grace in your life’s endeavors. It involves an active, voluntary participation by donating 7% or more of your earnings on an ongoing basis to support Sadhguru’s larger vision of a conscious planet, and partnering in this unique generational endeavor to raise human consciousness and protect the planet from further degradation.

Ishanga 7% is an immense possibility in which the very process of giving can allow Grace to function in your life.

An Immense Possibility

Experience Grace as a living presence

Have Sadhguru as your partner through your life

Opportunity to participate in the Guru Mahima program and be initiated into a daily process.

“Life started changing almost immediately after I became an Ishanga 7% Partner in 2012. I became aware of this unseen Presence, which was enabling me at every step, putting me in the right place at the right time. It's humbling to know that it is Grace that makes things happen and one just has a small role to play. It's now abundantly clear to me that all that I tread on is just Him.”

- Prashanth, Designer, Chennai

For questions and clarifications, Visit the FAQs or contact us at donate@ishausa.org