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Hi,. After mrg, y shud a girl has to leave her parents and stay vt Boys family? how did this become as a tradition?. Its obvious that for every child(boy or girl) parents should be first priority. Boy can stay with his parents,Y not girl?
What to do when at the time of any seminar mind is always absent and late replied
Q: Sadguru if someone hearts or mistreats me I feel very uncomfortable...!! They try to jealous me in every way ..I try to keep calm myself but the thoughts of being mistreat does not go through mind.. I disturb me more. What can I do?
Namaskaram Sadhguru. I am an ardent follower of all your teachings. Sadhguru, was Lord Eeshwara a mere form or a real person who existed some thousands of years ago? Was it Lord Shiva who gave us Vedas? Thank you Sadhguru. S. Prema Theja.
Sandguru, in our generation where we get a lot of importance to education there are some people like me who are passionate about things other than studies.. how do we convince ourselves to give importance to what we want to do?
I've watched a lot of your videos, I understand them and then I accept them, just like that I've taken every good advice in my life but, when the day proceeds I cant carry them with me all the time. What is the solution for this?

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