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  • Sadhguru Exclusive

Special Events

Learn about Sadhguru's upcoming events - including public talks, In Conversation with the Mystic events, Darshans, Yantra Ceremonies and more.

Rudraksha Diksha

Sadhguru will be initiating everyone who registered for Rudraksha Diksha into a powerful process online for free.

Linga Bhairavi at Salem

Join the FREE livestream to participate in the New Year & anniversary celebrations of Linga Bhairavi at Salem

Chitra Purnima Abhishekam

This Chitra Purnima, join the live webstream of the Linga Bhairavi Purnima Abhishekam and experience Devi’s powerful presence from wherever you are.

Fashion For Peace

Fashion For Peace at New York Fashion Week 2019 is a collaboration between Isha Foundation and renowned leading-edge designers to promote conscious and sustainable fashion.

Saptarishi Avahanam

Every year, on winter solstice, seven priests from the sacred Kashi Vishwanath temple will conduct the Saptarishi Arati for the Yogeshwar Linga, in the presence of Adiyogi.

In Conversation with the Mystic

In Conversation with the Mystic is a series of fascinating episodes where eminent personalities from various walks of life explore a range of topics with Sadhguru.

In the Lap of the Master

For your physical and mental growth, the lap of your mother is very important. For your spiritual growth, the lap of Grace is most important.

Wisdom, Meditation and Joy

Meditation is not an act – it is a quality. Meditation is not something that you do – it is something that you become.

Mystic Eye

Mysticism does not come from the East. It comes from within.