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Thaipusam at Linga Bhairavi

A Sacred Day of the Divine Feminine

05 Feb 2023

This is a day and time of receptivity, Grace, enlightenment, and ultimate liberation. May you be inspired for the highest. –Sadhguru

Thaipusam, which takes place on the first full moon after the winter solstice, is traditionally seen as a day of auspiciousness and grace, which a person can make use of for their wellbeing. This day is also known as “Dhanya Purnima”, which means a full moon of fulfillment. It is a day when many siddhas, seers and Yogis chose to leave their body and attain to their ultimate nature.

Significance of Thaipusam

Devi Bhairavi Aradhana

The consecration anniversary of Linga Bhairavi is celebrated on Thaipusam, the day chosen by Sadhguru for the prana pratishtha of Devi.

Vijji Maa’s Aradhana

On this day, 24 years ago, Vijji Maa (Sadhguru’s beloved wife) attained to Mahasamadhi. This remarkable event is an inspiration for all, towards the ultimate possibility of the spiritual path.

Bhairavi Sadhana Culmination

Thaipusam marks the Bhairavi Sadhana culmination for ladies. The sadhana culminates with an offering of grains and Devi darshan

This Thaipusam, join Devi LIVE and immerse yourself in the vibrant music and dance offering, as the day opens up a powerful possibility of receiving Devi's grace. (Registration is free and mandatory.)


The most exciting part of the sadhana for me is the Mulapari yatra on Thaipusam. On this day, Bhairavi is dressed in rich green grass like the mother earth. The Devi procession fills the air with intense emotions of devotion, happiness, joy, bliss, love, and drumbeats. This yatra has been an immense opportunity for me to break my limitations.

- Akshata, Bengaluru

Thaipusam Offerings

Devotees have an opportunity to make special online offerings and express their devotion to Devi on the auspicious occasion of Thaipusam. These offerings will be offered to Linga Bhairavi at her abode.

(Only available in India)

Devi Abhishekam

An appeal for Devi’s Grace with a set of 11 offerings

Pushpa Aradhana

An offering of 3 different types of flowers to Linga Bhairavi as an expression of one’s gratitude.

Vastram Arpanam

Made as an expression of one's devotion and for the emotional unity of families, marital harmony, and menstrual health.

Deepam Arpanam

An offering of ghee lamps to appeal to Devi’s grace for wellbeing, prosperity and success.

Sriphalam Arpanam

An offering of coconuts that devotees can make to earn Devi’s Grace.

Registrations Closed

Thaipusam At Linga Bhairavi