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Thaipusam at Linga Bhairavi

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A Sacred Day of the Divine Feminine


Thaipusam, which takes place on the first full moon after the winter solstice, is traditionally seen as a day of auspiciousness and grace, which a person can make use of for their wellbeing. This day is also known as “Dhanya Purnima”, which means a full moon of fulfillment. It is a day when many siddhas, seers and Yogis chose to leave their body and attain to their ultimate nature.

“This is a day and time of receptivity, Grace, enlightenment, and ultimate liberation. May you be inspired for the highest.” –Sadhguru

Significance of Thaipusam

Devi Bhairavi Aradhana

The consecration anniversary of Linga Bhairavi is celebrated on Thaipusam, the day chosen by Sadhguru for the prana pratishtha of Devi.

Vijji Maa’s Aradhana

On this day, 24 years ago, Vijji Maa (Sadhguru’s beloved wife) attained to Mahasamadhi. This remarkable event is an inspiration for all towards the ultimate possibility of the spiritual path.

Bhairavi Sadhana Culmination

Thaipusam marks the culmination of Bhairavi Sadhana for ladies. The sadhana culminates with an offering of grains and Devi darshan.

Ways to Celebrate Thaipusam

Bhairavi Sadhana Arpnam

A simple and powerful Navratri sadhana will be offered from 26 Sep - 4 Oct to experience Devi’s Grace at home.

Join Purnima Abhishekam LIVE

Immerse yourself in the vibrant music and dance offering, as the day opens up a powerful possibility of receiving Devi's Grace.

Thaipusam Offerings

Devotees can make an appeal to Devi’s Grace through various online offerings that can be made for individuals and family members.

Navratari Devi Abhishekam

Dhanya Samarpanam

Vastram Arpanam

Navratri Arpanam

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