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Unique in her manifestation in the form of a linga,


was consecrated by Sadhguru as a powerful feminine energy form.

Mother like





Linga Bhairavi

is an absolute woman of ultimate proportions and represents the nurturing and creative aspects of the universe.

Linga Bhairavi is unique in that it is a sacred space taken care of entirely by women called

Bhairagini Maas and Upasakas.

If Devotion has melted your Heart, Devi will yield and serve you in a million different ways; in ways that you cannot understand.

The consecration of Linga Bhairavi was conducted through prana pratishtha, a rare mystical process that uses life energies to transform mere stone into a deity.

Devi has three and a half chakras

for stability, health and wellbeing – these are fundamental to the process of life.





This energy structure of Devi was built into the rasa danda, which was inserted into the linga by Sadhguru during the consecration.

Based on a profound understanding of geometry and replete with symbolism, the architecture and elements within Devi’s abode make it the very body of the feminine.

In Indian culture, people have been well-versed with the science of consecration for millennia

Every village had a feminine deity to assist people with different aspects of their lives.

Not mere idols, these energy forms, including Devi, are a living reality for those who know how to access them.

According to Yogic lore, Shiva or “that which is not” was absolutely still.

When Devi, or Shakti, the embodiment of energy, came in contact with Shiva, he came awake and took the form of Rudra - the one who roared.

As he roared, stillness made way for creation. So, though Shiva is seen as the basis of creation, the first act of creation was Devi’s.


is generally considered negative and can give rise to fear in some. But for those beyond fear, darkness represents that which both absorbs and gives birth to the world around us

Linga Bhairavi

is depicted as the dark one because she resides in emptiness, where even light does not exist. From this emptiness, she brings to life all creation.

Visit a Linga Bhairavi Abode

Multiple locations

With her main abode, or moolasthanam, in Coimbatore, Devi’s grace is available at multiple locations.

 Coimbatore, Salem, Delhi + 2 locations

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