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Shivanga Sadhana

Way of Grace

(for gents)

“Shivanga is a possibility to become an embodiment of Shiva – The Source of Creation.”

What is Shivanga Sadhana?

Shivanga Sadhana is a powerful sadhana offered by Sadhguru to bring forth devotion from within and enhance your receptivity to Shiva – the Adiyogi. The sadhana creates a strong physical and psychological foundation for inner exploration.

You can choose to do the sadhana for a period of 42, 21, 14 or 7 days.
Initiation will be available online every day from 25 January to 25 May.

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Culmination will be available daily from 2 March to 31 May, both online and in person at the Dhyanalinga in Coimbatore, India.

Significance of the Velliangiri Mountains


Shivanga Sadhana Highlights

Initiation into the sacred Yogic practice of Shiva Namaskar
Pilgrimage to the Velliangiri Mountains – the “Kailash of the South”
Wearing a specially-designed rudraksha mala (garland) with a powerfully consecrated Dhyanalinga pendant
Chanting of a potent mantra which brings forth devotion from within

Benefits of Shivanga Sadhana

Creates a strong physical, psychological, and energetic foundation for inner exploration
Makes the grace of Adiyogi a guide and constant companion in your life
Inculcates discipline through an intense sadhana routine

Sadhana Details

Shivanga Sadhana is open only for gents.
  • Initiation
  • Daily Sadhana
  • Culmination


  • Initiation will be available every day from 25 January to 25 May.

  • A trained Shivanga will facilitate participants into the sadhana.

  • You can only participate in the initiation online.

The Shivanga kit is needed to attend initiation for the Sadhana. You can order

your kit from  Isha Life-USA

  • Already registered for online initiation?

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  • You can choose to do the sadhana for a period of 42, 21, 14 or 7 days.

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You can download the sadhana guidelines in English.


It is optional for the Shivangas to come to the Dhyanalinga in Coimbatore

Sadhana culmination is available both online and in-person

The moment I complete 10-12 Shiva Namaskar, a different kind of intense energy pushes me to do it. Now, I know what is Grace!


Entrepreneur, France

The Shiva Namaskar process gave me the emotional strength that I had lost somewhere during the last 2 decades of corporate chaos. I recommend it to all working professionals.


Actor, Germany

Fire Up Your Devotion with Shivanga Spurthi


Nurture the fire of devotion with invigorating devotional chants offered to Shiva, Sadhguru’s wisdom, and powerful guided meditations.


7-8 PM IST


Every Amavasya

Join at:

Shivanga YouTube channel



Contact Us

Please reach out to your local Shivanga coordinator for any questions during your sadhana.

You can also contact us at | +9183000 83111

Download the Shivanga Brochure for more details.