Our two eyes can capture the physical world, that which can block light but are blind to all else. Only by opening the third eye can one perceive that which is seen and unseen. This is the realm of mysticism, of knowing life in its full depth and dimension. Sadhguru is a bridge into this mysterious arena of life. It is a homecoming, a settling back into yourself.

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Adiyogi Alayam Consecration - Participants Share
Participants share their experiences of the Adiyogi Alayam Consecration that happened at the Isha Yoga Center, India from December 23-24, 2012.
Dhyanalinga and Adiyogi
Sadhguru explains the difference between the linga in the Adiyogi Alayam and Dhyanalinga
His Abode – Adiyogi Alayam
Sadhguru pens a poem on Adiyogi Alayam at the Isha Yoga Center, which was consecrated from December 23-24, 2012.
Anaadhi – The Beginningless
During the summer of 2010, Sadhguru conducted a 3-month long program at the US center, Isha Institute of Inner Sciences for over 200 participants. This program was called 'Anaadhi' - The Beginningless.
Of Mystics and Mistakes
“There are only two types of people: Mystics and Mistakes,” says Sadhguru. That sounds damning, but mistakes can thankfully be rectified, and that’s the hope this book holds out to seekers.
Anaadhi Program – Partcipants Share
A participant shares about the 90-day Anaadhi program conducted by Sadhguru at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, USA.
Linga Bhairavi, Dhyanalinga & Spanda Hall - An Intricate System
Sadhguru speaks about the Spanda Hall, at the Isha Yoga Center in India, and its place in the intricate system that also involves Dhyanalinga and Linga Bhairavi.
Mahima Consecration
Watch as Sadhguru speaks about the Mahima Consecration that happened at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in the US.
Ambition to Vision
The ebook, "Ambition to Vision" by Sadhguru, offers tangible first steps towards the ultimate plan of action – to understand every aspect of our existence, and make ourselves the way we want.
Water has Memory
Speaking at IIT Madras, Sadhguru explains about the current scientific research going on about water and how this was something that was known in the traditional Indian cultural milieu.
Suryakund Consecration
In December 2012, the Suryakund was consecrated by Sadhguru through prana pratishtha. Here are highlights from the two-day process that was attended by 10,000 participants.
The Descent of the Divine
Spoken by Sadhguru two days after Vijji’s Mahasamadhi on Thaipoosam (the first full moon of Uttarayana), 1997.
Meet Sadhguru
Sadhguru Satsang Every Purnima
20 Oct 2021
Empower The Entrepreneur
25 - 28 Nov 2021
Yantra Ceremony with Sadhguru
31 Jan 2022
Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore