Linga Bhairavi

Fire of the Feminine

 Sadhguru: Allowing the feminine to find its place in any society is very important. If just masculine finds expression, we will have enough to eat, but we will have no life to live. If you want to use analogies, if you call the root the masculine, the flower and the fruit is feminine. The very purpose of the root is to bring the flower and the fruit. If that does not happen, the root will go waste.           

All the great civilizations on the planet were goddess worshipers. It is only when nomadic tribes created very aggressive patriarchal cultures and religions, that feminine worship was slowly banished and burnt out of the world. India is still the only country where the worship of the feminine is a live process. Even today in South India, there isn’t a single village without a goddess of their own. The basis of this culture is in celebration of the feminine, but slowly, the culture evolved into an exploitation of the feminine. So, we want to revive the feminine in a powerful way.                                                    

Linga Bhairavi is a very powerful, fierce feminine form. But feminine energy worshiped as a linga is rare. A few have been there, but in very withdrawn kinds of situations. Probably this is the first time that this kind of space will be open to the public and handled in a different way altogether.

One sad thing that is happening in the world is, women are either becoming like Barbie dolls or they are trying to become like men. They have jealousy, masculine ambitions and other nonsense, but they don’t have that feminine fire. That is what a woman could add to this world, that she is like a fire. Linga Bhairavi is a big-fire woman, not a small-fire woman. She is not a doll, she is not a man, she is feminine to the core.

Dhyanalinga is more oriented towards your ultimate wellbeing. Immediate wellbeing is also packed into it, but for people who are seeking health, prosperity, and these kind of things, Linga Bhairavi will be far more responsive. But she also has the spiritual dimension attached. If you give yourself deeply into the process, even if you went there in search of material wellbeing, slowly she will take you into that.


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