Situated at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences at Tennessee, USA, Mahima is a 39,000 sq.ft. hall, the largest of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, created by Sadhguru as a doorway to the mystical dimensions of life.

Sadhguru: Mahima means Grace. Grace is not something that happens off and on. Grace is something that is all the time. It is like gravity. Gravity is on all the time but you realize its impact only if you fall off the first floor. Similarly, if you fall upward, then you realize the power of Grace. But Grace is on all the time – it is not something that happens here and there.

Why is a particular space being named Grace? Is it going to happen only there? For example, you are sitting right now. If you want to fall, it is not much of a fall but if you climb a mountain and fall, that is a real fall. It takes a certain height to realize the power of gravity and the impact of the fall. If you don’t create height, most people wouldn’t know the impact of gravity. Grace is the same way.

It takes a certain amount of receptivity to know the power and impact of Grace. You have to create a certain dimension which cracks you open a little bit, to realize the power of Grace.

Otherwise, you may live here for a hundred years and still not know that a force like that is constantly functioning upon you.

Mahima is very subtle and mild. It is made with a certain intention – purely for health and meditative purpose. Psychological balance was the main intention behind Mahima because I find that that is the biggest problem in the West. People don’t have psychological balance. Generally a person in the West has far more exposure in terms of life situations than a person from the East, and he receives a better form of education – at least in the worldly sense if not in the real sense. In spite of that, people in the West suffer mainly because there is no balance.

I see that lack of psychological balance is one of the biggest impediments that the West faces towards their spiritual development.

When we consecrated Mahima, that was one of the prime things that it was mainly focused towards.