Sadhguru: Pratishtha means consecration. The most common form of consecration is by using mantras, rituals and other kinds of processes. If you consecrate a form through mantras, it needs constant maintenance. In India, traditionally we have been told not to keep stone idols at home because you will have to maintain them every day with the right kind of pooja and other things. If a deity consecrated through mantras is not kept up on a daily basis, it becomes a withdrawing energy and can cause immense harm to people who live in the vicinity. Unfortunately many temples have become like this because of improper maintenance. People do not know how to keep it alive.

Prana pratishtha is not like that. A form is consecrated through life energies, not with mantras or rituals. Once it is established, it is forever and needs no maintenance. That is the reason why there are no poojas in Dhyanalinga because it doesn’t need anything. Rituals in temples are done not for your sake but to keep the deity alive. Otherwise, it will slowly die. Dhyanalinga doesn’t need that maintenance because it has been consecrated through prana pratishtha. It will always be like that. Even if you take away the stone part of the linga, it will still be like that. If the whole world comes to an end, that form will still remain.You cannot destroy it.