Sadhguru: Today, modern science tells you beyond any doubt that the whole existence is just energy manifesting itself in so many different ways. The only thing is that it is in different levels of manifestation. What you call creation is the same energy, from the grossest to the subtlest. 

Looking back, after I finished college, I wanted to make some money so I could travel, so I started a poultry farm. One day, I decided to paint the wall. I dipped the brush in the paint and put it to the wall. I did not want to paint the whole wall thoroughly, I just wanted to a basic paint-job. So I just put the paintbrush on the surface and walked from one side to the other. The paint started out very thick and became thinner and thinner and slowly disappeared. I saw this paint smear go from being thick, become thinner and thinner and then just disappear, and I exploded. Tears were simply flowing out of my eyes because there was the whole creation right there. That's all the whole creation is: a paint smear. It starts out really thick and gross, becomes thinner and thinner, and becomes nothing. From the lowest to the highest, it was all there. The Vishwarupa darshana was there for me in just this paint smear. I sat there going crazy and ecstatic. I didn't paint for three days. Then I started again.

Everything is the same energy. The rock is the same energy. God is also the same energy. This is gross, that is subtle.

As you make it more subtle, beyond a certain level of subtleness, you call it Divine. Below a certain level of grossness, you call it animal. Further below that you call it inanimate. It is all the same energy. The whole creation is just a paint smear for me, and if you look at it, it's the same for you. What you call the Dhyanalinga is the result of taking energies to subtler and subtler levels.

The whole process of yoga is to become less physical and more fluid, more subtle. For example, samadhi is that state where the contact with the body is minimized to a single point, and the rest of the energy is loose, no longer involved with the body. Once energy is like this, a lot can be done with it. When the energy is stuck and identified with the body, nothing much can be done with it. All you can do is produce thoughts, emotions, and physical actions. But once the energy becomes free from physical identification and becomes fluid, so many unimaginable things can be done with it.

Dhyanalinga is a miracle because it is a possibility to know life in its utmost depth, to experience life in its totality.

When I say miracle, I'm not talking about acts of changing one object into another. If you can go through life untouched, if you can play with life whichever way you want and life still cannot leave a scratch on you, that is a miracle. We are working to manifest this in everyone's life in so many ways. That is also the miracle of Isha Yoga programs. The sphere and energy of Dhyanalinga will create a possibility for every human being who comes in contact with it - either actually in its vicinity, or just in his consciousness - if he is willing to open himself up. It will be available to them. It will become the highest possibility for them.

"I want you to know the power and the liberation of another kind of science, the inner science, the yogic science through which you can become the master of your own destiny." – Sadhguru

You have known the pleasure and the convenience of modern science; so why the Dhyanalinga? It is because I want you to know the power, the liberation of another kind of science, the inner science, the yogic science through which you can become the master of your own destiny. That is why the Dhyanalinga.

A science like this gives you absolute mastery over life itself. The whole process of the Dhyanalinga is just to manifest this science in such a way that it cannot ever be taken away; to manifest it also in such a way that it's accessible at anytime to everyone who is willing. Not only to create your life the way you want it, but to be able to decide the very process of life, death and rebirth. Even to the extent of deciding the womb in which you are going to be born, and ultimately, being able to dissolve at will.