RED – The Colour of Exuberance

Sadhguru: In the tradition, Devi has always been red, since red is the most vibrant color – and feminine represents that. Devi spaces always have very active involvement of red in many ways.


Sadhguru: At one time, not a single home in this country was without a consecrated space, a little temple or shrine, and for a very long time, the maximum number of shrines were always maintained by women, not by men. Only the public ones were maintained by men. Linga Bhairavi is taken care of by women called Bhairagini Maas, who do a certain type of sadhana which is Devi oriented. It is probably one of the only temples in the world taken care of by women, but it is for everyone. She has been created in a certain way, She will be maintained in a certain way which is very unique – it is a certain process that only the feminine can do.