Dhyanalinga Consecration - The Triangular Form

The Dhyanalinga consecration took over three years of very intense work, and involved the formation of an energy triangle with Bharathi and Sadhguru’s wife, Vijji, and Sadhguru as the pivot. Bharathi's experience of the process was a mix of confusion and resolute determination.

Bharathi: I was never really told about being included in the consecration process of Dhyanalinga as such. I am still not clear about how the induction came to take place. On a pournami (full moon day) in August or September 1996, I was asked to come, and the same evening, I meditated along with Sadhguru as a part of a trio – the other person being Vijji. I sat for meditation with some apprehension as to what my role would be. But in the presence of Sadhguru, once I close my eyes, no apprehensions or doubts linger on. Some other force that does not seem to be mine takes over and I settle almost immediately into meditation. The same and something more happened on that full moon day. The process took over me, and I felt my very being and interiority cleansed and rid of many unnecessary internal turbulences.

Subsequently, I spent a lot of time meditating and otherwise with Vijji, because the importance was stressed upon by Sadhguru, of our two energy bodies being able to meet and merge so as to form a strong triangular force of energy. During this time, Sadhguru started work on the linga randhram – a copper tube containing mercury, energized with qualities of the seven chakras, which was to be inserted into the linga and sealed before the completion of the consecration. This was a major step towards consecrating the linga. Each chakra was energized with intense sadhanas lasting many days at a time, where indescribable energy situations occurred. After the completion of energizing each chakra, Sadhguru wanted to share the process with the Brahmacharies and residents in the ashram. These sathsangs were such ecstasy, where many days of sadhana were shared with them in a short time.