Everything was going too well. It was going like a dream. And I know, when things are going so well, especially with a process like this, I know from somewhere some impediment will come. From which direction it would come, we were watching, and here it came – Vijji just dropped her body, and the consecration was left incomplete. She attained Mahasamadhi, and we were back to square one again.

- Sadhguru

Sadhguru: It has always been hard for me to explain to people what Vijji is. When I say Vijji, I am not referring to her as my wife or as a woman. Even as a being, she has always been truly wonderful in my experience. But as many of you know, she was a person of very intense emotions. In her childlikeness, whatever emotions were within her always found expression, irrespective of the situation. Now she attained Mahasamadhi, the ultimate aim of all spiritual seekers, with such effortlessness.

The public at large has come to the conclusion that the age of genuine saints is over. Now, the present situation here is a clear proof that it is not over – and it never will be.

I did not wish that at this stage, anybody here should leave the body and go, but somehow she aspired for it. She dissolved into the Mahamantra “Shambho.” It is not for me or anyone to ask whether this is right or wrong. I am not big enough to question Him.

This is incredible, truly incredible. Without even my assistance, she transcended the bond of mortality. Out of her love, she has gone beyond. Out of our love, we are required to be here and fulfill the task on our hands


Spoken by Sadhguru two days after Vijji's Mahasamadhi on Thaipoosam (the first full moon of Uttarayana), 1997.