Has Isha Foundation encroached on forest land to build the Isha Yoga Center?
No, Isha Foundation has not encroached on any forest land. For more details,read this.
Has Isha Yoga Center been built in an elephant corridor?
No, Isha Yoga Center is NOT built in an elephant corridor. Read more details here.
Are there illegal constructions at the Yoga Center? Do all buildings inside the Isha Yoga Center have the required permissions?
There are no illegal constructions at Isha Yoga Center. Requisite approvals have been obtained for all the buildings. If you would like to learn more, please read this
(These documents and our clarification on the legality of the Yoga Center has been in the public domain for years.)
Has Isha forcefully taken over tribal land to build the Yoga Center?
No, Isha has not taken any land by force or coercion.
Is Isha compliant with all laws, including environmental regulations?
Isha complies with all the laws of the land, including environmental regulations.
An Environmental Clearance application seems to have been withdrawn by Isha, is that true?
The only time an environmental clearance application was withdrawn was when it was submitted in an incorrect category.
Given the proximity of the Isha Yoga Center to the forest, has this led to any man-animal conflict, or disturbance to wildlife?
Isha does not disturb wildlife nor would we ever want to. We live in harmony with nature.
What is the veracity of the claims against Isha in the 2017 CAG report?
There is no truth to any of these claims. Our response to them has been in the public domain for a long time. Please read this for more details.
There are several rumors about the nature of death of Smt. Vijayakumari, Sadhguru’s wife. What is the actual truth?
Smt. Vijayakumari attained Mahasamadhi in the presence of hundreds of people. Mahasamadhi is the ultimate goal of a spiritual seeker. This culture is replete with stories of Yogis attaining this goal. Read this to know more.
Why is Adiyogi represented so extravagantly? Is it necessary?
The only extravagance about Adiyogi is the hard work that went into it, by all who have contributed towards building it. It is an entirely volunteer-led effort.
The iconic Adiyogi serves as an inspiration to human beings, to aspire for their ultimate wellbeing.
Have forests been cut down to erect Adiyogi?
No forest has been cut down to erect Adiyogi.Please read this for more details.
Does Adiyogi have required permissions from the Government?
Yes, Adiyogi has all the permissions required from relevant authorities. Please read this for more details.
Why is Sadhguru not a simple traditional Guru? He’s flamboyant, wears expensive shawls, coolers, drives expensive cars and bikes & has an extravagant lifestyle.
What is ‘simple traditional Guru?’ For sure, he’s unconventional.
As a Spiritual Guru, Sadhguru wears a different avatar. As a golfer, he wears a different avatar. As a biker, he wears a different avatar. When he’s addressing the World Economic Forum or the United Nations General Assembly, he’s attired differently. When he’s with the youth, he’s different- as appropriate for the situation.
While Sadhguru likes and uses bikes and cars, he doesn’t own any of them.
Isha is seen as an elitist organization. Why do we see Sadhguru with celebrities all the time?
You see Sadhguru with celebrities because that is what the media chooses to highlight. For every celebrity Sadhguru meets, he meets millions of non-celebrities. Most of Isha’s work – both spiritual and social outreach – happens in rural communities but that doesn’t make for juicy copy. Learn more about our social outreach projects here.
Why is Mahashivaratri so commercialized? Why does it cost to attend Isha’s Mahashivaratri event? Can one attend for free?
It takes a lot of organizing and resources to offer Mahashivaratri to millions for free. A few hundred people pay to cover the expenses of conducting this magnificent night long celebration.
As per Pollstar’s report, in 2021, more people watched the Mahashivaratri celebrations through online channels, than the Grammy Awards.
Why are Isha programs so expensive? Should a spiritual process be so commercialized?
The spiritual process is always offered for free. It is the organizing of these programs that costs money, which is what the participants pay for.
Is Sadhguru a BJP supporter?
Sadhguru is a supporter of Democracy and of people’s mandate. He has worked successfully with leaders across the political spectrum. As he has said clearly many times, Democracy means we are not interested in who you are but in what you can do.
Does Isha issue ‘Donation’ receipts to evade tax?
Isha does not evade taxes. Currently, there is no tax on Yoga.
Is it true that two monks were being held captive in 2016?
No one is held captive at the Isha Yoga Center. Everyone is here of their own will. All Brahmacharis (monks) have chosen this path of their own will. If you are interested in the truth, read more here.
Is it true that Isha uses Laughing Gas to keep people happy?
Hahahaha (we’re really laughing). We’re usually on a different mood enhancer. It’s called Yoga.
We’ve heard Isha keeps people in coma and steals their kidneys. What do you have to say?
Really? And do what with all the stolen kidneys? Market them on our website? Get real.
Many things that Sadhguru says defy scientific laws. Why does he propagate Pseudoscience?
Sadhguru speaks of many things from an inner experience of Knowing. Even reputed scientists from top universities are acknowledging that there are phenomena beyond the understanding of science. Several scientists seek Sadhguru's perspective on many such subjects.
Is Sadhguru creating an environment of Islamophobia?
Absolutely not. Sadhguru’s mission is to enhance Human Wellbeing. He is an all-inclusive Guru whose offerings are beyond barriers of religion, caste, creed, gender & race.
Is Sadhguru a misogynist?
Anyone familiar with Sadhguru’s work and messages will know without a shadow of doubt that he is far from being a misogynist. His mission is about bringing a sense of all-inclusiveness to Humanity, so the question of misogyny doesn’t arise.