Our two eyes can capture the physical world, that which can block light but are blind to all else. Only by opening the third eye can one perceive that which is seen and unseen. This is the realm of mysticism, of knowing life in its full depth and dimension. Sadhguru is a bridge into this mysterious arena of life. It is a homecoming, a settling back into yourself.

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Himalayan Sacred Walks
Himalayan Sacred Walks presents an excellent opportunity to soak in the sacred energies of the enchanting and majestic Himalayas. It is comprised of two weeks of walks, treks and camping in some of the most idyllic and powerful places in the Garhwal region of the Himalayan Ranges.
Dhyanalinga Consecration – The Triangular Form
The Dhyanalinga consecration involved the formation of an energy triangle with Bharathi and Sadhguru’s wife, Vijji, and Sadhguru as the pivot. Bharathi’s experience of the process was a mix of confusion and resolute determination.
Mystic Musings
Sadhguru speaks about the book Mystic’s Musings, and how it is a powerful yantra.
Linga Bhairavi Yantra Ceremony
"The Linga Bhairavi Yantra is a unique and powerful energy form, specially designed and consecrated by Sadhguru to create a situation of inner and outer wellbeing in one’s home."
What is Yantra?
Sadhguru explains what a yantra is and discusses the various types of yantras found in nature and elsewhere.
Yantra – Meaning and Benefits
Sadhguru explains what a yantra means and how different kinds of powerful yantras can benefit and aid an individual in finding success, health and wellbeing.
Sharings: 90-day Wholeness Program
Participants share about their experience from the legendary 90-day Wholeness program, which was conducted by Sadhguru in 1994.
Encounter the Enlightened - Ebook: A Preview
In the ebook, "Enounter the Enlightened," Sadhguru presents a rare glimpse of undiluted truth to profound questions of humanity.
The Kailash of the South
Sadhguru tells the story of how Shiva came down to South India and stayed a while at the Velliangiri Mountain, transforming it into the Kailash of the South
Velliangiri Mountains - The Kailash of the South
Sadhguru explains the significance of the Velliangiri Mountains, known in India as the "Kailash of the South".
Who is the Real Sadhguru
The following is an excerpt from a Q&A session with Sadhguru during a satsang at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in US.
Meet Sadhguru
Sadhguru Satsang Every Purnima
20 Sep 2021
Bonding with Bhairavi
11 Dec 2021
Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore