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Preparatory Sadhana for Yogeshwar Linga Consecration by Sadhguru

In preparation for the upcoming Yogeshwar Linga Consecration, Sadhguru has given the following sadhana for participants attending the program.

You can start this sadhana 21 days prior to the event, i.e., from 25 Dec onward. If you are not able to do it for 21 days, you can do it for 14 days (starting on 1 Jan), or 7 days (starting on 8 Jan).

This sadhana is mandatory. Please ensure you do it for at least 7 days. It will help make your system more receptive to the consecration process.

Sadhana Guidelines

If you have been initiated into any Isha practices, please continue to do them daily. In addition, please practice the below every day:

Additional Guidelines

  • Soak 2-3 peppercorns in honey, and a handful of groundnuts in water, overnight.

  • After the Yoga Namaskar and chanting, consume the peppercorns by chewing it, and eat the groundnuts as well.

  • Have only two vegetarian meals a day, with the first meal after 12 PM.

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

  • Shower/bath should be taken twice a day.

  • Bathe using natural products like herbal bathing powder.