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Become a Yoga Veera

Free Training for All

Registrations Opening Soon

Who is a Yoga Veera?

A Yoga Veera is one who is willing to transform people's lives by offering Yogic practices for health and wellbeing.

Who can become a Yoga Veera?

Anyone who is passionate about practicing and offering Yogic practices to others can become a Yoga Veera.

There are no specific age, gender, or background requirements. Completion of Isha programs is not necessary.

Why become a Yoga Veera?

Experience the joy of transforming another life

Accelerate your inner growth by offering Yoga

Be part of Sadhguru’s vision of offering at least one drop of spirituality to every human being

Registrations Opening Soon

How can I become a Yoga Veera?

  • Step 1: Fill up the Yoga Veera Registration Form.

  • Step 2: Undergo a basic training and obtain the necessary tools for transformation.

  • Step 3: Start offering Yoga sessions.

Registrations Opening Soon


"Volunteering as a Yoga Veera feels like the only fitting way for me to offer myself to this tremendous happening."

- Srujana, Nepal