Can a woman be a Guru? Does a Guru’s gender matter? Sadhguru answers this question in Part 5 of the “Women and Spirituality” series.


Generally, a woman’s femininity will not allow her to be an effective Master. But she is very good at pursuing the path. A man can do many things here and there, but his receptivity is less. He can prepare himself, but a woman comes with that natural quality. So wherever there is a Master, more women will gather, simply because they are more suited for receiving. There have been some very wonderful Masters who were women, but they are of a different kind. They cannot operate the way a man does. They have to find a certain kind of situation, a certain kind of support system in the society. Society never supported a woman as a Master. Especially in the West, whenever a woman started expressing her wisdom, wherever a woman started having access to something beyond what normal people had, she was labeled a witch and burnt at the stake.

However, there have been a few women who have more masculine fire in them than most men do. Such women can become very wonderful Masters, if the social support is there. There have been such people, but in all these many centuries of human history, they never had that kind of support. Probably in the future, it should be possible. There may be many women as spiritual Masters.


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