After a roaring Bhava Spandana at iii that was overbooked and a few thousand on the waiting list, been wondering when I should withdraw from conducting these spectacular events that are transformative beyond most people’s imagination. In the last couple of years, been going into these events with the thought that it might be the last event I will do. But when you witness the incredible shift that happens to the participants, magnificent nature of energy when people dissolve their rigid structures and melt into one mega life, my heart overrules my thought.

Sadhguru surrounded by the Bhava Spandana program participants at Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, TN, USA  | One Mega LifeSadhguru surrounded by the Bhava Spandana program participants at Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, TN, USA  | One Mega Life


The Fall

The Fall of the leaf

Is but the enrichment of the sod

Life giving nourishment for

worm, insects, tree, bird and animal

O’ Man when shall you learn


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that life shall flourish not by leaving

no stone unturned but in letting

all life be as they are.

The Fallen shall rise in their time

Autumn landscape of the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, TN, USA | One Mega Life


As the vegetation in this beautiful Cumberland Plateau prepares for winter, in final defiance, it turns into spectacularly colorful Fall time extravaganza. With full colors in an ethereal or unreal splendor, time to go to SFO for the largest Shambhavi initiation event in the USA, 3500 participants. A joy to be among these wonderful seekers of truth. Delightful people, the level of focus and discipline extraordinary for a large group. Of course, the overwhelming nature of Shambhavi is the star, thanks to Adiyogi and all yogis and sages who kept this great possibility alive for this many millennia. This simple but powerful process can be a game changer for humanity if it touches and transforms the leadership in the world. We shall stay on track…

Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru at SFO, USA | One Mega Life


On a flight to Baku (Azerbaijan), then to Kiev (Ukraine), and on to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, and back to Delhi, all in one week. Baku and that entire region has footprints of a Saptarishi, many signs of his influence still there; Elemental worship being the main remnant, the Jwalaji temple being the big draw for the city. Indian spiritual influence was in full force till about eleven hundred years ago. Aggression of dogmatic and fanatic religious beliefs erased the gentle fragrance of all-inclusive spiritual process. Advent of soviet expansion in the 20th century sort of cured religious extremism, but the cultural shift brought about by religion stays. 

Left: Sadhguru paying respects to the fire at the Ateshgah, Fire temple, Baku; Right: Devanagari inscriptions on a stone panel in the Ateshgah Fire temple, Baku | One Mega Life


A visit to Jwalaji is a must; footprint of Indian spirituality and yoga from over four millennia kept alive in this sacred space. The significance of handling human mortality consciously cannot be highlighted more. Samskritam chants and the eternal fire symbolism marked with Devanagari inscription makes the place a landmark for the reach of the soft force of Bharat. Baku city is on an economic roll fired by petro-money. Wonderful structures of great esthetic value are being created by the present administration, building the pride of the nation. Packed house in Baku; the prestigious and beautiful Heydar Aliyev Center has one of the best auditoriums in the world. Hard to believe, but this little country is doing a great job with infra; they even have a very good quality golf establishment. 

A stone replica of the layout of the city of Baku | One Mega LifeHeydar Aliyev Center, Baku | One Mega LifeSadhguru playing golf at Baku | One Mega Life


On the way to Kiev – Ukraine. A land that took the brunt of WWI+II, collectivization (revolution) and post-traumatic stress of breakup. Our Ukraine volunteers have been in a tizzy of activity and events are packed to capacity. A houseful and lively event and marathon book signing. A few meetings with the influencers of Ukraine, and off to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for the Sustainability Summit Asia (The Economist magazine). Temperatures in Kiev are sub-zero, so Singapore will be back to warm Asia. 

Kiev, Ukraine volunteers giving a ceremonial welcome to Sadhguru | One Mega LifeSadhguru addressing a public talk and signing Inner Engineering book at an auditorium in Kiev, Ukraine | One Mega Life


Hundred years after the Armistice, the intentions of peace remain, but the culture of peace is yet to be. Without transforming individual minds into a peaceful possibility, world peace will only remain in concept. Let us make it Happen.

Love & Grace

Armistice that effectively ended all military operations of World War I