Sadhguru tells us that a spiritual process is not different from having an unbridled enthusiasm for life.

Sadhguru: Generally in the world, everyone thinks of fulfilling their dreams. Whatever your dream may be, it is an exaggerated extension of your past. You cannot dream of something you do not know. Essentially, you fixed the destination based on what you know. When you fix the destination from what you already know, you have ensured that nothing new will ever happen. A dream like this is not a possibility, it is a certain hopelessness. You are seeking the past in the future. You are actually shooting back but you think you are moving forward.

To simply live here goal-less is what a spiritual process is about.


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To simply live here goal-less is what a spiritual process is about. That does not mean being lethargic and lax. A spiritual process means to live in intense involvement with what is there right now but with no goal. If you have the courage to sit here in such a way – “Wherever the hell it goes tomorrow is fine with me, but right now I will do my best in whatever I am doing,” you will naturally be spiritual.

A few years ago, I met a small group of adventurers who have climbed some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. They walked across the North Pole, and they spent over three months in winter in the Andes climbing to twenty-two thousand feet above sea level. They want to be in a place where they don’t know what is coming the next moment. They had come to meet me and one of our volunteers was talking to them about the Inner Engineering program. I just looked at these people and saw that I don’t have to waste three days with them. I told them to just sit with me and close their eyes and that’s it. Everything just happened without uttering a word. They never thought of spirituality in their life, they only want adventure – they want to live in a way where they don’t know what the next moment will bring. I didn’t have to teach them anything, I just had to ignite them because they were well prepared. Their bodies were good and healthy, and the mind was open and ready for anything. That’s all it takes.

You are looking forward to tomorrow. It could be anything. It doesn’t matter what it is...

To simply be here, you can either be here out of sheer, mad courage, or out of trust in the Creator. These are two ways. These adventurers were doing it with insane levels of courage. Not everyone has that but at least you must have trust in the Creator. Trusting the Creator doesn’t mean talking to God in your head or something like that. The fact that you are sitting comfortably wherever you are, that is trust. Because there have been incidents where the earth opened up and swallowed people. There have been incidents where pieces of sky fell on people and crushed them to death. There have been situations where the very air people breathed turned against them. This round planet is spinning and traveling at a tremendous speed and the whole damn solar system and galaxy are traveling at we don’t know what speed. Suppose Mother Earth decides to suddenly start spinning in the opposite direction, you might fly off from where you are sitting right now. For you to sit, smile, listen and talk to someone, you need trust – enormous trust, isn't it?

If you have this trust, you can simply be here – and that is the fundamental step in a spiritual process. You are looking forward to tomorrow. It could be anything. It doesn’t matter what it is, you are looking forward to it. It is an unbridled enthusiasm for life.

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