Spirituality has nothing to do with the atmosphere you live in. It’s about the atmosphere you create within yourself.


Don’t think spirituality means having a nice, quiet life – it means being on fire.


Spirituality means you don’t try to find explanations for your nonsense – you are willing to face it.


Spirituality is not an extraterrestrial thing – it is the essence of human existence.


You don’t have to withdraw to a mountain cave to turn spiritual. It does not matter where you are or what you do in life. The spiritual process has nothing to do with the outside – it is something that happens within you.

Spirituality is ultimate greed. You don’t just want a piece of creation – you want the source of creation.

Spirituality is not about becoming special – it is about becoming one with everything.


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In the name of spirituality, some people take the easy way out – hallucination.

Every human being is spiritual in some way. It is just that some people claim the mantle.

Spirituality is about realizing your peak possibility.

Spirituality is neither a psychological nor a social process – it is 100% existential.

Spirituality means to crank up your life to the highest pitch of intensity.

Spirituality is not a disability – it is a phenomenal empowerment of life.

People in positions of power need a spiritual element because their every thought, emotion, and action affects so many lives.

Spiritual process means not your thoughts and emotions but the life within you becomes the most important thing.

Spiritual process is not about going to heaven someday. It is about knowing life in all its profoundness.

The most significant aspect of being spiritual is that you are moving from the psychological, the social and the physical to the existential.

Spiritual process is not a backward step. It is a leap forward to a place that others are yet to get to.

Being on the spiritual path means understanding that the source of your trouble and the source of your wellbeing are within you.

There is nothing in existence which is not spiritual. Everything is spiritual, but unrealized.

Everything is spiritual if you are aware. Everything is material if you are not aware.

Spiritual thirst enters your heart only when you confront your mortality

The purpose of spiritual science is to awaken human beings to their ultimate possibility - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

Spiritual process means to be on fire. Peace will happen when you ‘rest in peace.’

Spirituality is not moral science. Spirituality is about enhancing the life that you are.

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