Sadhguru: In the body that you carry right now, what came out of your mother’s womb is hardly there – it is mostly gone. Today, whatever the number of kilograms you carry, it is all from mother earth. I am not trying to belittle the genetic or biological mother, it is just that if you are a spiritual seeker, it is extremely important you get the right perspective of everything. If you exaggerate things in your mind or with your emotion, you will point yourself in wrong directions and waste a huge amount of time and life. Because if you love somebody, you will exaggerate. If you hate somebody, you exaggerate. If you like somebody, you exaggerate, if you dislike somebody, you will exaggerate. Exaggeration means, either unconsciously or intentionally, you are deviating from truth. Deviating from truth means you are working against yourself. One who works against himself does not need an enemy. This is called self-help! That is the beauty of your life – you are completely self-reliant.

So we are grateful and we appreciate both – our biological mothers and mother earth. We are here because of this mother and that mother. Every day of your life, you should appreciate all the things and all the people who are contributing to make your life what it is today. Everything that is needed for your wellbeing is just being taken care of by the creator. Every moment, every step that you take, the planet is not giving in and breaking up. Every breath that you take, the air is not escaping from the atmosphere and denying you. All these millions of motherly or fatherly forces are working every moment of your life. You did not ask and you are not paying a bill for all these. Simply everything is provided. So for everything that nature and people around you are providing, shouldn’t you bow down to everything in absolute gratitude? Because you are incapable of conducting your life without all these forces co-operating with you, without being asked.

If you don't appreciate this, if you have lost your consciousness completely, it is because you are too busy with some rubbish that is happening in your head. That is the only reason anybody can miss all this. Something that is happening in your head is important because you think too much of yourself.

If you look at it closely enough, there isn’t one thing in creation, without which you can exist. So I want you to look upon everything as a mother. Today is the tree-mother’s day, tomorrow is the mountain-mother’s day, next day is your biological mother’s day. The reason why these days have been fixed is because otherwise, people will never think of their mother. Cultures have become like this. But if you are little more conscious, if you remind yourself and look at this, “Oh, these trees are giving me oxygen. They are supporting me every moment.” If you recognize this with everything, everywhere that you walk, you will become conscious.


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