Today, it is more important than ever to raise human consciousness, so that technology becomes a means of empowerment, not destruction.

If we create a wave of consciousness in the world, saving the planet will be a natural consequence.

Consciousness is a quantum leap from the physical to the non-physical dimension.

The body is individual. The mind is individual. Consciousness cannot be individual – it can only be inclusive.

Every act that you do unconsciously, you could also do consciously, and that makes a world of a difference.

Society should not shape individual human consciousness. Human consciousness should shape society.

The highest force in existence is consciousness, and you are that.

Consciousness is not an act, not an idea, not even a quality – it is the very basis of creation.


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Social, national, or global realities cannot be changed without working upon human consciousness.

What is most needed right now is evolving human consciousness. Without that, science, technology, development, everything will go waste.

Time and space are just projections of your consciousness.

You do not have to raise your consciousness – you have to raise yourself to find access to it.

Consciousness is non-physical. What is non-physical is naturally one.

Without raising human consciousness, whatever we do in the world will only lead to more and more suffering.

The nature of your consciousness manifests in every cell of your body, every moment of your life.

Consciousness is the source of who we are. Our thoughts, intentions, and actions are a consequence of that.

Consciousness is not a bunch of thoughts or a certain level of understanding. Consciousness is a dimension that is beyond our physicality.

If you pay enough attention, everything in the existence has to yield to human consciousness.

Today, human beings have the necessary capabilities, resources, and technologies to address every issue on the planet. The only thing that’s missing is inclusive consciousness. Let’s make it happen.

Consciousness is your natural state of being. You only lose it by identifying with your thoughts, emotions, and body.

If we want humanity to enjoy the fruits of science and technology rather than using them to destroy the entire planet, the most important thing that needs to be done right now is raising human consciousness.

What your consciousness is intensely focused on is what will manifest in your life and in the world around you.

Consciousness is not a bunch of thoughts or a certain level of understanding – it is a boundless dimension.

If human beings become conscious, the need for domination and conflict will dissolve.

Consciousness should not become something that is preserved. Consciousness should spread and live in the world.

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