Questioner: Namaskaram, Sadhguru. You mentioned that Linga Bhairavi Devi is made up of three and half chakras – Muladhara, Swadishthana, Manipuraka, and half of Anahata. At the same time, one of the names we use to refer to her is Trinetrini, “the one with the Third Eye.” If the Third Eye is linked to the Agna chakra, then does Linga Bhairavi have an Agna chakra as well?


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Sadhguru: The Third Eye does not have a physical location as you think. Because you have two eyes here, you assume the Third Eye has to be located somewhere in the middle. It is not like that. It is just that these two eyes can see only that which stops light. You can see an object only because it is stopping light. Suppose the object became such that light passes right through, if it was entirely transparent, you would not see it.

The only reason you are able to see what is around you right now is because the air is transparent. If the air stopped light, you could not see anything. So, with these two eyes, you can see only that which is physical. Even within the physical dimension, you cannot see everything that is physical. With these two eyes, you can see only the grossest aspect of physicality. You cannot see the air because it is not stopping the light, though it is physical in nature. Anything beyond physicality cannot be viewed with these two eyes.   

The moment you begin to see, experience, and perceive something that is beyond physical nature, then we say your Third Eye has opened. The depiction of Devi’s Third Eye is only a symbolism. It is just that because the Agna is connected with knowing, generally, the Third Eye is depicted as being between the other two eyes. But actually, it is not in any one place.

Suppose I go to some place and I notice some kind of energy, something happening there, the first thing I do is close my eyes, activate the fingers, and hold my left hand with the palm facing downward, just to see what is happening. Suppose you do not know whether something is hot or cold, you will also hold your palm over it to feel it. So does it mean your Third Eye is in your finger? Yes, at that moment, in a way. But the Third Eye has no physical location. It is not a physiological happening. It is a perception.

When we are talking about perceiving that which is not physical, do not try to establish this Eye as being at a particular spot in the physical body. That which is not physical does not have the compulsions of being here or there. It can be here and there. When you address that which is not physical, you should not think in terms of where it is. When you are talking about a dimension that is not physical, here and there does not apply to it. Once something is not physical, space does not apply to it. Only physicality needs space and location. That which is not physical has no location, no geography to it. So, does Devi have a Third Eye? For sure. Is she three and a half chakras? Yes.